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After all, Red Tiger had better reviews.

Moreover, after the premiere, netizens couldnt stop praising them.

So of course, Zhang Lun was stressed too!

Right now, he no longer had the arrogant confidence and carefree attitude like before when the movie had yet to premiere.

He never ever expected to be forced into such a situation by a teeny Ji Cheng and a mere Lu Man.

Let alone Fighting Hero and Red Tiger having the same box office, even if Fighting Heros ticket sales were better than Red Tiger although with not a huge difference, Zhang Lun would still feel shameful.

“Hurry up!” Zhang Lun urged.

Finally, Wang Qiu announced, “The first-day sales of Fighting Hero is 295 million yuan!”

At that moment, Zhang Lun instantly let out a sigh of relief.

“Not bad, this box office result matches our expectations.”

Before it was released, they estimated the box office to reach around 250 million yuan.

Excited, Wang Qiu said merrily, “Director Zhang, our box office collection has already broken Greedy Wolf Operations box office record!”

Hearing this, Zhang Lun finally felt that a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulder.

Satisfied and pleased, he said, “Yes, this box office is not bad.”

The first day box office collection of Greedy Wolf Operation was 200 million, and Fighting Hero beat it by almost 100 million.

Who could still say that Fighting Hero was bad

Greedy Wolf Operations total box office was 3 billion yuan.

It was the highest-grossing movie of all time among the locally-produced movies.

It had naturally become a benchmark in the industry.

This benchmark of 3 billion was just sitting there, waiting for people to cross it.

“If this trend continues, we can definitely beat Greedy Wolf Operation ‘s total box-office, and make a new record!” Wang Qiu said excitedly.

“Haha, Director Zhang, right now it really must be such a slap in the face for Lu Man! Didnt she say that they are on the same starting line, that its fair for both parties to compare solely based on box office Sure, well base it only on box office, and beat her down with the box office!” said the head of the publicity team.

“Haha, she is still too young.

She thinks that she is invincible just because she succeeded twice.” Wang Qiu mocked, “She doesnt know that it was because she had never met Director Zheng yet.

Let this be a good punishment for her.

Its good for her too.

She shouldnt be so full of herself at such a young age.

Its better to lose now, and remember this punishment earlier.

Its Director Zhang who helped her to grow up sooner.”

“Director Zhang, CEO Wang from United Pictures is here.”

This time, Fighting Heros biggest investor was United Pictures.

“Hahahaha, Director Zhang, congratulations, congratulations!” CEO Wang wasnt in the view but his voice could already be heard.

“No no, please dont say that first,” Director Zhang said, pretending to be humble.

” Red Tigers box office still isnt out yet.”

“Haha, Director Zhang, youre being too humble. Fighting Hero has already beaten Greedy Wolf Operations record.

Its only a matter of time before it reaches the top. Red Tiger probably cant reach up to our level no matter how hard they try.

Dont assume that just because Red Tiger had decent reviews there would be a lot of people who would actually watch it.

The vocal minority are those who already watched it, but most people still havent watched it.

You and I both know that this might just be one of Lu Mans publicity stunts.

Lu Man is too naive to think that she can attract the audience by stirring up the reviews.

However, no matter how strong Red Tiger is, they cant be so strong to compete with you, Director Zhang! In front of actual talent and capability, all her tricks are just a joke.”

“Haha, youre praising me too much, CEO Wang, too much.” Director Zhang kept waving his hand, but his face was still smug.

He was over the moon upon hearing CEO Wangs compliments.

“Director Zhang, why dont we release the box office now as publicity” The head of the publicity team suggested.

“CEO Wang, what do you think” Zhang Lun asked.

“I think we should.” CEO Wang nodded.

Therefore, the publicity team immediately released this piece of news.

The netizens blew up.

“So high”


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