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“Thats right Brother Ji.” Zhang Jian also tried his best to comfort Ji Cheng too.

“The audience gave good reviews.

This proves that the audience has already approved of our movie, acknowledging the blood, sweat, and tears weve put into filming it.”

Taking in a deep breath, Ji Cheng calmed himself down and said, “I know.

Guys, dont worry.

No matter what the result is, I will be able to take it.”

Then Ji Cheng smiled and thanked everyone.

“Thank you, my brothers, for even rejecting the work you had on your hand and coming over to wait for the results together with me.

Thank you, everyone.”

“Hey!” Liu Chuanhui punched Ji Cheng lightly.

“Why are you pretending to be so polite!”

Being sworn brothers for so many years.

Wasnt it natural for him to do this

“Brother Ji!” Xiao Cheng excitedly dashed into the office, holding a data sheet.

“Out! Its out!”

“What” Although Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Jian had advised Ji Cheng to relax and not take any stress, even the two of them were rather stressed too.

Therefore, when Xiao Cheng announced that the results are out, both of them were left dumbstruck and they couldnt even react.

“The first-day box office results!” Xiao Cheng was so emotional that his face was flushed red.

“The first-day box office result of Red Tiger! Its out!”

“How much!” Everybody asked at once.

Xiao Cheng was so excited and emotional that he couldnt even form words.

He tried to calm himself down by taking in a deep breath.

Just watching him having such a hard time catching his breath was already making the easily annoyed Ji Cheng so anxious that he really wanted to punch somebody.

“5… 598 million!” Xiao Cheng finally blurted it out in excitement.

“Just a little, just a little more and we would break 600 million!”

Just now Zhang Luns Fighting Heros box office, how much was it

295 million, almost breaking 300 million


295 million versus 598 million, haha!

Red Tigers box office was almost twice the Fighting Heros!

Overwhelmed with happiness, Xiao Chengs eyes welled up with tears, unable to calm down even for a long time.

No one knew how difficult it was for them to shoot Red Tiger , no one knew what exactly they have been through!

Fighting Hero was filmed entirely in front of a green screen in a studio with air-conditioning.

But what about them

They were blown by the harsh Northwestern desert wind for two months.

Over there, whenever they opened their mouths to speak, a gush of sand would fill their mouths instantly.

Not only the male actors, but Lu Mans skin was also blown dry by the harsh wind and sand.

Their hands were completely covered in blisters.

Moreover, they even drifted along the Southern Sea for a month.

They didnt even see any land for days.

In order to experience life as a soldier, their daily routine of meal and rest hours followed military standards.

Before Zhang Jian and a few other young actors joined the crew, they had to train in the army for three months, just so that they could perfectly showcase the charm and authenticity of soldiers fighting in the battlefield and would not be nitpicked on by professionals.

While filming they even had a weapons and bombs expert on set to give advice.

Weapons for long shots, close-up battles, snipers, etc.

They had meticulously learned combat skills and weapon knowledge in the army.

All just for one reason.

No matter which professional or military expert were to watch the movie, they wouldnt be able to nitpick on any of these details.

Thankfully, their efforts bore fruit.

Everyones hard work didnt go to waste.

The audience saw their effort and even acknowledged their effort.

However, everyone thought that they might have misheard it.

Ji Cheng was entirely in a daze.

“How much How much did you say”

Xiao Cheng emotionally wiped away the tears from his eyes.

“Its 598 million! Just a little, just a little more and we would have hit 600 million! Brother Ji, you didnt hear it wrongly, it is 598 million!”

Liu Chuanhui mumbled, “This… this has broken a record! In the history of all locally-produced movies, no one has ever achieved such a result for their first-day box office! Previously, it was Greedy Wolf Operation who had the highest, right”

Smiling smugly, Xiao Cheng reminded.

“Brother Liu, did you forget about Fighting Hero”

With a slightly mocking and gloating tone, he said, “Didnt Fighting Hero just break Greedy Wolf Operations record However, before they could hold the record for long, it was broken by us.”


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