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Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli into the villa which had a big swimming pool in its front yard.

Inside the villa, there was an infinity pool built along the mountains right outside the balcony.

They could get a wide view of the mountains right from the infinity swimming pool.

“I brought Grandfather and Grandma, Dad and Mom, and our Mom over, they are staying at the opposite wings of the villa,” Han Zhuoli explained, “Tonight we can celebrate together.

Right now, they all are probably still resting.”

Lu Man never thought that Han Zhuoli would call all his family members over and made it such a grand celebration.

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli incredulously and as she looked at him she suddenly realized that something was wrong with Han Zhuolis expression.

Lu Man instinctively backed away, but she had yet to take even one step back and her feet were in mid-air when her waist was grabbed by Han Zhuoli as he tightly pressed her into his embrace.

“Where are you running to”

Lu Man: “…”

“The swimming pool is not bad, do you want to go out to play” Currently, it was the summer season and with just one look at the weather outside, one would find it scorching hot.

“Think about it, relaxing in the pool while you drink some red wine and enjoy the scenic view, doesnt it sound very good” Han Zhuoli spoke seductively, enticing Lu Man.

Lu Mans heart skipped a beat but she then spoke in a pitiful tone, “I didnt bring a swimming costume.”

Suddenly, Han Zhuolis eyes shone brightly as an evil idea popped up in his mind.

He lowered his head next to her ears and upon seeing her red blushed ears, his hot and thin lips started to touch her ear lobe as he whispered, “Anyway, its just the two of us here, whether you are wearing a swimming costume or not, it really doesnt matter.”

Imagining Lu Man naked tantalized Han Zhuoli and his body started reacting as his desire aroused.

On such a hot summer day, he felt that the temperature was soaring too high and his dry lips found her wet, pulp lips.

It was rare that the two of them were here with no one else around to disturb them.

The infinity pool outside the balcony was isolated and completely surrounded by the greenery of the mountains.

They could not see anyone, and no one could see them.

With a great opportunity presented in front of him, how could Han Zhuoli let it slip away

Lu Man had just opened her mouth to say that she would as the butler to arrange a swimming costume for her as the hotel definitely sold those.

But who knew that Han Zhuoli would take this chance to directly enter her mouth and kiss her till she could not breathe.

Usually, the summer clothing was light and thin.

Lu Man was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts today, it was quite simple.

Hence it was easy for Han Zhuoli to slide his hand up her T-shirt and his fingers quite skillfully unhooked her bra which now hung loosely on her shoulder yet hidden under her T-shirt.

This left Lu Man speechless and while she took in a deep breath Han Zhuoli had lifted her off the floor.

Very soon, her shorts and her T-shirt were thrown behind, and Han Zhouli grabbed Lu Mans legs and wrapped them around as he carried her towards the pool.

Before Lu Man could even regain her senses, she had already entered the pool.

At this moment, even if she wanted to get out, she would not be able to get out in time.

Han Zhuoli had entered the water with her, and she did not even have on the last layer of clothes.

Right now, she was pressed against the pool wall by Han Zhuoli.

Lu Mans last thought was, no wonder this man chose this place!

In the swimming pool, Lu Man felt cool and had an indescribable feeling in her heart.

Pressed against the wall by Han Zhuoli who was completely aroused, Lu Man could not control herself anymore, and in the end, she completely depended on Han Zhouli to stay afloat.

To stay afloat, Lu Man could only use her hands to encircle Han Zhuolis neck as her legs floated on the water surface.

The sun shone on the blue water, reflecting the rays of light everywhere and Lu Mans legs which were white as milk shivered in the water making Han Zhuoli reluctant to let her go even more.


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