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Grabbing her legs, he wrapped them around his waist and intertwined their bodies.


In the end, it was only because Han Zhuoli was scared that staying in the water for too long would get them sick and wrinkly, he carried Lu Man out.

By now, Lu Man was so tired that she did not want to move anymore, and it was Han Zhuoli who held her and helped her wash up.

The way he was holding her they might go for another round.

Although Lu Man was completely exhausted, Han Zhuoli couldnt hold himself back, and he really did not want to.

His woman was in his embrace, why did he have to hold himself

In the end, Lu Man was tortured by him to death.

She was stunned on seeing this mans beastly stamina, he was able to have a go at it even when standing up.

Finally, Lu Man was covered by a towel by Han Zhuoli, and as he carried her to the bedroom, she lay lazily in his arms, drained of every single bit of energy.

Who would have known that as Han Zhuoli carried her and put her on the bed, he would get aroused again!

Right now, Lu Mans face was flushed red.

She kicked his lower leg.

“Im already exhausted! I still need to have dinner with the elders later, dont make me embarrass myself.”

“Alright alright alright,” Han Zhuoli pulled her into his embrace, “Ill just cuddle you, I wont do anything else.”

Such words from Han Zhouli had no credibility at all!

Hence, although exhausted and drowsy, Lu Man forced herself to keep her eyes and cast him a suspicious look.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Was he that untrustworthy

Not hesitating at all, Lu Man quickly replied to his reaction, “Yes.”

“…” Han Zhuoli really did not know if he should be angry or laugh.

In the end, he just kissed her forehead.

“I promise, Ill let you sleep well, and Ill just cuddle you, I wont do anything at all.”

“Sleep,” Han Zhuoli said softly.

Seeing that he sounded really sincere and also the fact that she was too drowsy, Lu Man buried herself in his embrace and slept.

At around five, the Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han came along with Xia Qingwei.

Han Zhuofeng had come there too.

All of them had gathered together while Lu Man was still asleep.

Hearing their voices, Lu Man opened her groggy eyes lightly.

“Grandma and Grandpa are both here.” Han Zhuoli had also woken up.

“You sleep for a while more, Ill go and accompany them.”

Lu Man struggled to get up.

“How can I do that, Im not sleeping.

You can go first, Ill come out after I clean up.”

Han Zhuoli nodded in agreement, and then caressed her waist.

“Are you still in pain Do you want me to massage it for you”

“Then I might as well go directly to a spa!” Lu Man rolled her eyes at him.

She didnt even want to think about getting massaged by him, she knew the outcome already.

Getting rejected, Han Zhuoli lost his smile.

“Im serious, when we come back at night, Ill give you a good massage.”

However, Lu Man really did not dare and hurriedly chased him off.

She hurriedly cleaned up, and endured the soreness, and nagging at Han Zhuoli in her heart as she went out to meet everyone.

Meanwhile, Xia Qingwei was surprised and extremely happy as she never thought that Lu Man would achieve such great feat with just her second movie.

Originally, she had thought that Lu Man was just helping out as she owed them a favor.

She never expected that Lu Man could rely on this movie to achieve such popularity and fame.

As it was said, being thankful for others help is never wrong.

If you know how to give back to others, you will also benefit.

Old Mrs.

Han was extremely satisfied with Lu Man too and kept praising Lu Man.

Lu Man herself was embarrassed upon being praised to the skies and felt that the granddaughter-in-law whom Old Mrs.

Han was praising was probably not her.

Han Zhuoli chimed in happily, “Of course, Man Man is the best.”

Lu Man: “…”

Everybody: “…”

Seeing Han Zhuolis proud demeanor and his smug expression, Old Mrs.

Han did not want to praise her anymore.

“The crucial stage is yet to be faced.

Its Sunday today, only if the ticketing sales can increase even more, there wouldnt be a problem anymore.

Since on weekdays, people are busy with work, so the ticket sales would probably fall by half,” Lu Man said.


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