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As expected, Lu Man had said correctly.

The next day, on Monday, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were still enjoying their holiday in the villa.

Since Lu Man had finally finished with her filming, she was having a few days off.

Even Han Zhuoli had settled all his work last week so that he could relax and enjoy for two more days in the villa with Lu Man.

In the morning, Lu Man woke up early, wanting to prepare breakfast for Han Zhuoli.

They could order meals over but since the villa had a kitchen Lu Man wanted to prepare a meal for Han Zhuoli.

Giving the customer service a call, she asked them to send some ingredients over.

Porridge was being cooked in a small pot while Lu Man wrapped steamed dumplings.

Since Han Zhuoli was too lazy to get up from bed, and since she had woken up early, she wasnt in a hurry as she had a lot of time.

At that moment, Lu Man received a call from Ji Cheng and she put it on speaker.

“Older Brother Ji”

Yesterday, Ji Cheng insisted that she, Zhang Jian and anyone younger than him should call himOlder Brother Ji.

Because they already had such a good relationship, and calling himDirector Ji made Ji Cheng feel that they were strangers.

“Lu Man!” Ji Cheng could not hide his excitement.

“Yesterday… yesterdays ticket sales have been calculated!”

“How much is it” Hearing Ji Cheng tone, the results were probably not bad.

“Its exceeding 600 million! 612 million!” Ji Cheng said excitedly, “Now it just depends on todays ticket sales.

If we can maintain at around 300 million, then our movie is stable!”

After all, it was a weekday, besides for students most people could only go and watch movies at night.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Man rushed into the bedroom and jumped onto Han Zhuoli directly.

“Zhuoli! Zhuoli!”

She happily held Han Zhuolis face, and kissed him.

Being woken up by kisses was really exciting and this left Han Zhouli astounded.

With a beauty was jumping into his embrace on her own, of course, Han Zhuoli would be ecstatic.

He embraced her and asked, “Why are you so happy”

“Sundays ticket sales for Red Tiger crossed 600 million! Its 612 million!” Lu Man was over the moon as she snuggled in Han Zhuolis embrace.

“Its even higher than Saturday!”

By now, Han Zhuoli was completely awake, and hugged Lu Man back.

But just as he was about to speak, he suddenly felt that something was not right.

“…” Han Zhuoli grabbed Lu Mans hand.

“Why is it full of flour”

Lu Man: “…”

“Ah, when I received Older Brother Jis call, I was making steamed dumplings for you, thats why my hand is full of flour.

Its just that I got so excited that I completely forget about it…” Lu Man felt guilty as she realized that Han Zhuolis face was now covered in flour.


Feeling guilty, Lu Man laughed dryly.

Han Zhuoli really could not do anything to her, and suddenly grabbed her face, rubbing his face against her cheeks, making Lu Mans face to be covered with flour too.

As he rubbed his face against her, Lu Man was tickled by his stubble and kept laughing.

In an instant, their faces were now like that of a cat with patches of white stuck on their faces.

Even Han Zhuolis handsome face could not manage to pull it off, and seeing his funny look made Lu Man break out into laughter.

“You dare to laugh at me!” Han Zhuoli scolded her playfully, and pulled Lu Man into his embrace, pressing himself onto her and rubbing his face against hers.

In the end, after rubbing their faces, he had also started to rub their s*x**l parts.

“I still have buns left to wrap up,” Lu Man hurriedly said, the desire in his eyes was just too scary.

“Ill first bite onto your buns,” Han Zhuoli said hoarsely, pulling up her T-shirt and biting her n**ples.

In the end, Lu Man was devoured by him without leaving any leftovers.

After Han Zhuoli was done eating her up, he was dragged by Lu Man to wrap dumplings with her.

Meanwhile, at that moment, the Internet exploded again.


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