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Right after that, Lu Man added fuel to the fire.

Let us anticipate its performance tomorrow!

Hahahahahaha, Lu Man, you are too bad.

Goddess of Fury is unmatched in attacking people with words.

Very soon, several netizens visited Zhang Xiaoying\'s Weibo page because they knew why Lu Man refused to let Great Desert off.

Zhang Xiaoying, I\'m asking you, do you regret it

Lu Man may not have told you which day she would meet you again, but Lu Man\'s actions clearly say that since you provoked her, she would definitely meet you again.

Admit defeat! All those who went against Lu Man could only accept their defeat.

If you want the details, please ask Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang.

Our Goddess Lu Man has yet to lose!

Honestly, Lu Man\'s Weibo post had once again caused Great Desert\'s viewership to trend high.

Hahahahaha, before this, no matter what happened, Great Desert refused to become a hot topic, they were so anxious that they had to buy it.

But now they don\'t need to buy it, Lu Man already sent them trending up every day!

Furious with being mocked, the production house had Manager Lin contact Guo Suxin once again.

What is Zhang Xiaoying thinking Does she not want to patch up with Lu Man

I told her but she refused to listen, Guo Suxin was also enraged.

Helpless, Manager Lin hung up and directly contacted the general manager of the company.

Even President Yang was shocked when he heard that Lu Man did not want to adhere to soft or hard means.

Compared to Zhang Xiaoying, although Lu Man had two movies, based on fame or her status in the entertainment industry, she was still lacking behind.

So, of course, they needed to pick on her weak spots.

Furthermore, it was Lu Man who forced them into such an awkward position.

So, apart from Lu Man, who could he target

Therefore, President Yang was about to give a call to some of his good friends in the industry, wanting to cut off Lu Man\'s future.

He had just taken his phone out and before he could make a call, he received a call.

He took a look and was surprised to see that Sun Yiwu was calling him.

President Yang was astounded.

Before Greedy Wolf Operation, Sun Yiwu was already an A-list top-notch director in the country.

Much less to say, after Greedy Wolf Operation, Sun Yiwu\'s reputation seemed to exceed Zhang Lun\'s.

For a production house like theirs, producing popular television dramas was alright, and filming a few low budget movies was nothing over the top.

However, they honestly did not have sufficient funds to invest in filming a blockbuster like Greedy Wolf Operation.

So they were acquainted with Sun Yiwu at all.

Even if they really wanted to contact him, they would only be able to contact Sun Yiwu\'s assistant, Xu Fenglai.

Never in his life had President Yang thought that there would be a day he would get a call from Sun Yiwu.

However, didn\'t President Yang\'s phone have Sun Yiwu\'s phone number saved

Even if he had got Sun Yiwu\'s phone number, it did not mean that he could directly contact Sun Yiwu!

Having met Sun Yiwu in a few events, and chatted with him for a while, he had asked for his number and it wouldn\'t have been polite of Sun Yiwu to reject him.

President Yan hurriedly accepted the call, still finding it hard to believe that it was Sun Yiwu and asked cautiously, Hello, are you… Director Sun

Haha, it\'s me, Sun Yiwu. Sun Yiwu laughed and said, It\'s President Yang, right

Director Sun, hello hello. President Yang politely greeted him.

Director Sun, do you have any instructions

Of course not, of course not. In return, Sun Yiwu was also very polite.

I\'m just called to apologize.

President Yang was confused.


A bit confused, President Yang asked, Director Sun, we have never… contacted each other before, what is there for you to apologize about Please tell me more.

It\'s because of Lu Man, Sun Yiwu explained, Recently, Lu Man kept posting Great Desert\'s viewership ratings, and it has troubled you all.


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