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Alright. After leaving the office, Manager Lin couldn\'t help but worry.

President Yang only had to move his lips.

It was easy for President Yang to give out orders, but where in the world would he find such a talented team

Manager Lin sighed.

With a headache, he returned to his desk.

Other than Lu Man, he could only think of Lin Yi company.

However, when he called them, they directly rejected him since their hands were full with several cases already.

By the time they would have time for Great Desert, the show would be completely dead.

Left with no other choice, Manager Lin went to Han Corporation, yet Han Corporation\'s Public Relations Department also had its hands full.

All the famous PR teams had loads of work already.

Moreover, it was pointless to find those nameless teams too.

Finally, Manager Lin found a decent one.

However, the other party came up with a rather average solution.

When President Yang saw it, even he wasn\'t too pleased by it either.

However, they really had no choice, forcing them to give it a try.

At least, it was better than just letting Great Desert continue to be the laughing stock of the industry.

Yet who knew that before President Yang could see the result of the publicity for Great Desert, the original drama with the lowest viewership, lying at the bottom of the list, suddenly had its rating increasing at an exponential rate as if it had taken steroids.

Very soon, it left Great Desert behind in the dust.

What\'s going on! President Yang couldn\'t stay calm any longer.

He slammed the table with a force as he stood up in rage.

On the other hand, Manager Lin already had beads of cold sweat on his forehead.

I don\'t know!

Hurry up and find out!

Eventually, after not long, they found out that the Internet was full of memes from the show Rich Princess online.

Many meme creators had posted several puns and memes of Rich Princess all over the internet.

They even had snapped some lame scenes from the show.

Those originally lame and boring scenes had now turned into hilarious puns and memes.

Seeing those hilarious memes, the netizens burst into laughter and couldn\'t stop dissing that show.

The memes piqued their interest and the netizens actually watched the show to mock it.

I feel like I\'ve got cancer.

I\'ve never seen such a brainless, lame show before.

I watched it out of curiosity.

This show is horrible yet addicting, I actually binge-watched until the latest episode.

Although it has crappy camera angles, cheap sets, crazy scenes, and awkward script, I actually… actually, have been freaking watching it all along.

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Oh my god, how did this show suddenly blow up

I don\'t know.

Suddenly, it\'s a hot topic on Weibo and in my friends\' circle.

It makes us burst into laughter even though it\'s stupid and I really watch it for its stupidity.

However, there are still some netizens who are dissing it pretty harshly, clearly they couldn\'t take it.

However, although most people stopped watching it after one episode, the netizens weren\'t less in number, every day a new batch of netizens who got attracted by the memes went to watch the show.

Just like this, with one wave after another, surprisingly it\'s ratings turned out to be pretty decent.

Shocked and anxious, Manager Lin immediately gathered the company\'s publicity department to take a look at this.

Team Leader Liu from the Publicity Department said, This… this must be a type of publicity too.

There must be someone planning this behind the scenes and pushing it forward.

This idea is too incredible.

Yes, this idea didn\'t want the audience\'s good reviews, they only wanted to attract the audience over.

The reviews didn\'t matter, since this show\'s quality was so bad, anyway.

Moreover, they couldn\'t rely on reviews to attract the audience.

Otherwise, their ratings wouldn\'t have been so bad in the first place.

Maybe that\'s why they chose quantity over quality, attracting a wave of audience.

They captured the audience\'s curiosity all at once, and increased the views in a really short period of time.


There isn\'t a shortage of netizens.

Even if one batch of them leaves, there will still be another new batch who would watch it.

Who came up with this idea It\'s too impressive!

An amazing talent!


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