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Receiving such exclusive treatment, how could Han Zhuoli not be happy

Only he had this kind of treatment, it was very obvious that she clearly differentiated him from outsiders.

He was very proud!

Looking at Lu Man\'s cute look, Han Zhouli\'s heart was brimming with love and adoration.

He lowered his head and lightly kissed the tip of her nose.

Lu Man could only feel that the tip of her nose was moist, and now carried the light scent of mint.

Being hugged in his embrace, she felt very at ease and safe.

Han Zhuoli\'s lightly kissed from her nose to her eyes, to her face.

He did not know whether it was because she wanted to be low-key and did not want to be noticed by people, but while attending classes Lu Man never wore any makeup.

But she also looked beautiful without makeup, attracting people\'s attention on first glance.

Since there was no makeup covering her face, Han Zhuoli\'s every kiss felt even more intense.

There was no perfume and just her natural body scent which smelled sweet.

Han Zhouli kissed her from her face to her soft lips.

Within a few seconds, Lu Man\'s face flushed red because of his kiss and his hot breath on her face.

You kept staring at me just now, what did you want to say Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

Han Zhouli\'s chuckle sounded music to her ears, and as he spoke his lips brushed against the tip of her nose.

Not onlyLu Man\'s face flushed red, but her ears had also turned red and they seemed very hot.

En Han Zhuoli urged.

Even though he was only urging her to reply, the sound he made was very seductive.

The en had a sexy feel to it as his voice hit her ear, making her numb for a moment.

Lu Man\'s ears trembled, and now she looked even more like a rabbit whose ears were trembling.

Extremely affected by his voice, Lu Man grabbed Han Zhuoli\'s shirt with both hands.

Because he did not need to go to the company, Han Zhuoli was wearing a casual button-up shirt, and as her palm pressed against his chest, through the thin button-up shirt, she could clearly feel the heat of his skin.

Not getting any reply from her, Han Zhuoli directly sucked onto her earlobe.

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Lu Man trembled even more, and she snuggled into his embrace.

Han Zhuoli was amused and guffawed at her cute action, did she think she was a puppy

Lu Man\'s ears were red, and she hid her face in his embrace as she said, When you go to the cafe alone, don\'t get yourself hit on by other women.

Her face looked too worrisome.

You still don\'t trust me Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

I trust you, but I just don\'t trust other people.

Even if you ignore them, with your hot looks, they will surely try to strike up a conversation and then I will be unhappy, Lu Man said in a small voice.

From the beginning to the end, she did not raise her head, her face still buried in Han Zhuoli\'s embrace.

Han Zhuoli could only see her bright red ears.

This was the first time Lu Man showed her jealous side to him.

Instead of a reply, Lu Man heard Han Zhouli chuckle.

His relaxed laughter was very carefree, and just hearing the sound, she could tell that he was very happy.

Han Zhuoli was indeed over the moon.

Unexpectedly, today his girl was jealous.

He had not even thought about these things and she was the first one to think of it and get jealous.

I\'ll keep my face cold and ignore all of them, Han Zhuoli smiled and said, I\'ll make it such that they won\'t dare to come near me.

Feeling embarrassed, Lu Man hid in his embrace, and no matter what, she refused to show her face.

Thus, Han Zhuoli could only pull her out, and upon seeing her bright red face, his heart brimmed with love.

Again he hugged and kissed her to his heart\'s satisfaction before allowing her to get down.


After Lu Man got down the car, she crossed the road to go to school.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaoying happened to stop her car at the entrance of the school.

She was still young but already drove a BMW to the school entrance.

Getting down the car, she could not hide her arrogance.


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