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After informing them, Professor Liang passed the result slip to the class chairperson Zheng Yuanshi.

All the result slips were sealed tightly in individual envelopes.

This was done in consideration of the students.

Some students\' results weren\'t really ideal or sometimes students didn\'t want others to know their results.

However, at the same time, they gave out the results in front of everyone.

So, if someone was curious about another person\'s results and wanted to know if the other person did better than them, they could directly ask that person too.

As to whether the other person would say, that was up to him or her.

Once all the results were handed out, Professor Liang said, Now, I\'ll be announcing the top 10 scorers of this exam.

Moreover, there was only one class in the Performance Major.

Hence, the top 10 scorers in the class were also the top 10 scorers in the Performance Major.

10th place, Han Leilei.

351 points.

9th place, Fang Xuelei.

362 points.

8th place, Zhao Zilin.

378 points.

7th place, Yuan Menghan.

383 points.

6th place, He Lijian.

398 points.

5th place, Zheng Yuanshi.

421 points.

This is the bottom five amongst the top ten, Congratulations. Professor Liang congratulated them gladly.

Even if you didn\'t get the top six, don\'t be disheartened.

The final score would be calculated after three years.

As long as you continue working hard, you will still have a chance next year.

There were also many similar cases in the past.

While Professor Liang revealed the names from the tenth place onwards, everyone already had their results in their hands.

But since they were all sealed, even Zheng Yuanshi who distributed the results couldn\'t see others\' results.

Meanwhile, while Professor Liang announced the results, all the students had already opened their envelopes and seen their results.

However, their results slip only had their results and not their ranking.

Thus, when they saw that their results were lower than that of the tenth ranker, they stopped hoping and listening to the ranking without any stress.

However, those whose marks were close to the tenth place felt extremely distraught.

Just a little bit more!

These students who scored around the same marks as the 10th ranker student were eyeing for one of the spots to be an exchange student.

Sadly, they didn\'t do well this year, and would have to work harder next year.

Since Professor Liang announced it in ascending order of scores, all those who scored more than the student in the tenth place were extremely anxious.

Seeing that their score was within the top ten, all of them wished for the first place.

They prayed with all their might, wishing that their name wouldn\'t be mentioned first.

At the same time, Zhang Xiaoying looked at her result slip and let out a sigh of relief on seeing that her score was much higher than the tenth place, and smiled smugly.

As for Fan Xiyue, her score was much further away from the top ten place.

When she looked at Lu Man, she was shocked to not see any disappointment on Lu Man\'s face.

Fan Xiyue\'s heart skipped a little.

Could it be that Lu Man was also within the top ten


Please no!

Don\'t let Lu Man be in the top ten!

Fan Xiyue kept praying to not let Lu Man get into the top ten.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Tingting saw that Zhang Xiaoying looked comfortable and happy and asked curiously, Xiaoying, how much did you get It must be very good.

As expected, Zhang Xiaoying arrogantly threw her result slip at Zhuang Tingting.

Take a look at it yourself.

Gosh! So high! Zhuang Tingting shouted out in surprise.

Especially your performance score.

Xiaoying you definitely must be the topper this time.

Stunned, Fan Xiyue hurriedly looked over.

How much

However, Zhang Xiaoying interrupted her.

Wait for Professor Liang to announce it.

Besides, her score was just 70 points more than Zheng Yuanshi at fifth place.

Judging from the differences in scores from the tenth place and fifth place, the difference wasn\'t too big.

There wasn\'t a big gap between the scores of the rankers.

So, the 70 marks difference should be awesome!

It was impossible for her to not be first place!

However, Zhuang Tingting still passed the result slip over to Fan Xiyue.

Seeing it, Fan Xiyue instantly let out a sigh of relief.


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