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Pan Xue knew herself well and had always known that her brain was not that smart or sharp as others.

Especially in terms of EQ, she lacked behind.

So normally when it came problems require one to racking their brain, she preferred to let Zheng Yuanshi and Han Leilei do it.

But now that they had Lu Man, they could just let her do the high EQ and IQ work.

You\'re not mistaken. Han Leilei frowned.

What are they being like this

Being the class representative, Zheng Yuanshi was skilled in maintaining relations with everyone and thus had good connections.

I am going to find out more about it, you guys can go to the canteen first.

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Hence, Lu Man and her two classmates went to the canteen first while Zheng Yuanshi went to find out the reason behind these deriding gazes.

As expected, when they reached the canteen, all the students started pointing fingers at Lu Man and kept gossiping about her in a low voice.

And they maintained quite a distance from Lu Man as if they would contract a disease if they were to get close to her, thus treating her like an outcast.

Hence, although the sound of all of them chattering was quite obvious, Lu Man and her two friends couldn\'t make out the exact first.

Let\'s go and buy our meals first, Lu Man said mildly, ignoring everything.

Unlike other universities, the number was students in National Film Academy was limited, moreover, hardly a few people had their meals in the canteen, thus there was no need to queue up.

Having bought their meals, Lu Man followed Han Leilei and Pan Xue to look for a seat.

Not long after, Zheng Yuanshi returned, and sat by their side, panting heavily.

Catch your breath first and then go and buy your meal. Lu Man said caringly.

Ah, I\'ll first share the news with you all, Zheng Yuan said, panting as she spoke.

However, you still need to eat, Lu Man said, advising her, You can first buy your meal and use the time to relax.

We can talk once you come back with your meal.

Concerned and anxious, Zheng Yuanshi said helplessly, I\'m scared you won\'t have much of an appetite at that time.

I won\'t be affected to that extent. Lu Man smiled knowingly.

Although I don\'t know what\'s going on, it\'s definitely not something good so I have already prepared myself for it.

Feeling a bit relieved, Zheng Yuanshi gave her a thumbs up in admiration.

How did you grow up like this It\'s one thing to have a sharp brain but even your attitude is admirable! Before this, you had the same attitude during our examinations; we were having examinations it was like that too, you were so confident that nothing could deter or scare you.

It\'s the same now, you are so fearless.

I wish I had your attitude.

It\'s alright, Han Leilei said, comforting her.

Hurry up, go buy your food and quickly come back to tell us about it.

Right right right! Being reminded by her, Zheng Yuanshi hurriedly took out her food card to buy her meal.

Very soon, she came back with her food tray and sat down.

She did not even bother to start eating as she started speaking, I found out the reason behind it and honestly I don\'t know who spread such thing.

There\'s a rumor going around that the reason you have such good resources as soon as you even though you didn\'t have any acting experience before this and also the reason that you already filmed two movies, and got cast as the main lead in the second movie is that you are being maintained by someone.

Who is it, spreading such vile rumors! Pan Xue\'s bad temper exploded right then.

Suddenly, everyone looked over.

These people were the ones who were pointing at Lu Man just now, and this made Pan Xue lash out in rage.

What are you looking at! Eat your food!

Seeing her burst out in rage, Lu Man tried calming Pan Xue down, but even her face had darkened as well.

The one who spread the rumor sounded very confident, claiming that someone saw a Mulsanne dropping you at school with their own eyes.

Everyone knows your background, the Lu Family… Zheng Yuanshi hesitated as she said, The Lu family would definitely not escort you, much less drive a Mulsanne.

So —

Hearing that, the first ones to come to Lu Man\'s mind were Zhang Xiaoying, Zhuang Tingting, and Yu Jingxian.

But if they wanted to start a rumor by spreading this, they would have done it yesterday, why wait till today

However, no matter what, this was definitely related to the three of them.


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