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Too angering! Suddenly, Old Mrs.

Han hit the table and scared Old Mr.

Han who was listening intently at the side so much that he trembled in shock.

You wait, I\'m coming over to the school now! Old Mrs.

Han didn\'t even wait for Han Zhuofeng to say anything and just hung up.

Han Zhuofeng\'s mouth was left open as he was planning on responding, but he did not even have that chance.

Honestly, Old Mrs.

Han was really a short-tempered person.

Was it Grandma\'s call Lu Man asked.

Yes. Han Zhuofeng rubbed the corners of his eyes, this time he had hit a beehive.

My brother\'s out on a work trip, so Grandma just called me to instruct to look after you at school, and not to let you get bullied.

You don\'t need to tell this to Grandma though, Lu Man said helplessly.

That\'s not alright! I have to tell her! No one can bully their Han Family members!


But within a second, Han Zhuofeng instantly spit in his heart.

Lu Man was just dating his brother, and they had yet to get married, how was she considered a Han Family member He hadn\'t accepted her yet!


Meanwhile, after Old Mrs.

Han hung up the phone, she looked for Butler Wang.

Which is the most expensive car in the garage right now

Pushing his glasses onto his nose bridge, Butler Wang answered, The most expensive car in the garage is a race car, Koenigsegg\'s One:1 which is worth 100 million yuan.

The next is Lykan Hypersport, worth 70 million yuan, and Hennessey Venom GT, also worth 70 million yuan.

Old Mrs.

Han waved her hand in dismissal.

All these cars were bought for fun by Zhuoli bought, they are not suitable for us, an old man and an old woman.

Even Old Mr.

Han laughed at her statement.

Moreover, those people think highly of a Mulsanne, and if we were to drive those over, they might not even recognize them.

Those three cars were limited edition cars in the whole world.

While studying overseas, Han Zhuoli was young and wild.

Thus he would ship back one every year.

But now that he was mature, he did not really like a sports car and preferred luxurious ones like Mulsanne.

At that instant, Old Mrs.

Han suddenly rubbed her hands in excitement.

Then we won\'t drive anything else, we\'ll drive Zhuoli\'s Mulsanne.

Go and check if Xiao Chen went overseas with Zhuoli, if he didn\'t, have him drive that car over.

Right! Old Mr.

Han agreed with her.

Didn\'t they think Lu Man was someone\'s mistress because of this car Then let\'s drive that car over! Let them open their eyes wide and see properly!

Thus, Butler Wang instantly contacted Xiao Chen, and then replied to the elders, Xiao Chen did not go on the work trip with Young master Han, he\'ll drive the car over now.

The Old family mansion also had a chauffeur, but since Xiao Chen had come over, it was better to have Xiao Chen drive them.

As Old Mrs.

Han nodded her head in approval, her phone rang.

Seeing the phone screen, she saw that it was a call from Shen Nuo.

Accepting the call Old Mrs.

Han instantly heard Shen Nuo say, Mom, Zhuofeng just informed me that Lu Man is being bullied in school.

Old Mrs.

Han chuckled in her heart, this boy announced it to the world!

Right, this young brat, I entrusted him with such a simple task, yet he could not do it.

Thus, we need to make an appearance ourselves.

I had Zhuoli\'s driver Xiao Chen drive Zhuoli\'s car to the Old family mansion.

Right now, I am preparing to go to school and open those close-minded children\'s eyes wide.

I\'m coming too, I\'ll meet you directly at the entrance of the school, Shen Nuo said; it was clearly a waste of time to take a trip down to the old family house.

Alright. After discussing with Shen Nuo, Old Mrs.

Han hung up the phone and got stood up.

I need to choose my clothes.

I\'m coming too. Old Mr.

Han also stood up.

It was clearly a huge issue, if he didn\'t follow and Han Zhouli got to know about it, he would blame him for not standing up for his granddaughter-in-law.

At that moment, the Old Mr.

Han had completely forgotten how he had abused Han Zhuoli and treated him badly when he did not have a girlfriend.


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