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He Zhengbai gazed strangely at Lu Qi.

Why are you suddenly asking about this

I was just curious about Lu Man\'s boyfriend\'s family.

She filmed two movies back to back, and both of them turned out to be blockbusters.

Although she was only the third female lead in the first film since it was still a Sun Yiwu film after all.

She managed to grab the role of the female lead, I don\'t believe that it was of her mere good luck and that she didn\'t rely on anyone and only depended on herself.

Today, her boyfriend\'s family came here especially to stand up for her. Lu Qi clenched her teeth.

You didn\'t see how the situation was like.

The fact that Lu Man could achieve so much today definitely has something to do with her boyfriend!

Although she suspected Lu Man\'s boyfriend to be Han Zhouli, Lu Qi didn\'t say a word about iti.

Saying something like that out loud was too terrifying, even she herself found it to be absurd.

Sure, let me think of a way to find out. He Zhengbai nodded, thinking pensively.


Because of today\'s incident, most of the students kept their distance from Lu Man.

Although they didn\'t dare to mess with her, they weren\'t willing to get close to her either.

Only Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leilei behaved the same as usual.

In the past they already had an inkling because of Han Zhuofeng\'s family background.

Even though they weren\'t exactly sure how amazing Han Zhuofeng\'s family was, they were still mentally prepared for it.

Moreover, today, when the two elders and Shen Nuo came to their school, the principal was extremely polite, almost revering them.

While that behavior was so shocking that they were left speechless, they accepted it really quickly.

Therefore, they treated Lu Man the same as they did before.

After today\'s lessons ended, since Han Zhuoli wasn\'t around, Lu Man could head home early.

Just when she walked to the school gate, she was surprised to see Xiao Chen waiting against Han Zhuoli\'s Mulsanne.

Lu Man. Xiao Chen smiled and greeted her.

Surprised, Lu Man asked, Xiao Chen, this is—

I just dropped the two elders home.

They instructed me to come here and wait for you. As he spoke, Xiao Chen suddenly raised his voice.

The two elders specially instructed me to drive this car here so as to let your schoolmates familiarise themselves with it.

In the future, hopefully they would never make a mistake and misunderstand.

Lu Man: …

Xiao Chen sure was blunt.

It was probably Old Mrs Han who told him to say this.

At this time, quite some students were coming out of the school and happened to hear Xiao Chen\'s words and were rather displeased.

Lu Man\'s boyfriend\'s family sure has a bad temper.

Is there no end to this!

Lu Man stifled a laugh and quickly got into the car.

Immediately, Xiao Chen started the car and they drove off and Lu Man instantly called the landline of Old Han mansion to assure Old Mrs Han that she had got into the car.

Pleased, Old Mrs Han smiled.

Did Xiao Chen say the statement

Are you talking about letting my schoolmates familiarize themselves with the car and definitely not make a mistake about the car in the future Lu Man chuckled when she asked it.

Yes yes yes, that statement. Old Mrs Han nodded readily.

He did his work. Lu Man smiled and said, And he even said it so loudly that many people heard it.

That\'s great, that\'s great. Old Mrs Han was elated.

In the future, if you suffer at school in any way, don\'t shoulder it all alone.

I know that you are capable, but now that we will always have your back, don\'t face it on your own.

Although Han Zhuoli might not be around, you still have us.

All along, her family only consisted of Xia Qingwei alone.

And although Xia Qingwei wanted to protect her, she was powerless.

However, as long as she knew that Xia Qingwei wanted to protect her, Lu Man already felt warm and loved.

As for the other people in the Lu family, she had already given up all hope.

However, today, the elders in the Han family came together to support her, and Old Mrs Han said this right not too.

Lu Man finally understood the feeling of being protected and surrounded by so many family members, her heart felt warm and fuzzy.

Yes. Lu Man\'s voice was a little hoarse as tears welled up in her eyes and she tried her best to not let Old Mrs Han know.

However, it didn\'t fool Old Mrs Han.

Yet Old Mrs Han didn\'t say anything, understanding Lu Man\'s emotions.

Because she knew what Lu Man had been through, and thus she was even more understanding of the gratitude Lu Man was feeling right now.


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