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In the past, as long as those Hollywood blockbuster movies managed to break into China, they would definitely become capture all the box office sales, no one could beat or even compete with them.

However, with the rise of Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger, that just became a time of the past.

Finally overwhelmed with anxiety, Maxus Company used Special Attack Force\'s premiere as an opportunity to invite Han Zhuoli.

Currently, the night before the premiere event, Han Zhuoli asked Auntie He to prepare his clothes for tomorrow\'s premiere.

Finding it strange, Auntie He asked, Sir, weren\'t you planning not to go

With his head held high, Han Zhuoli said smugly, Lu Man is going too.

Oh. Looks like the husband was just tailing along with the wife.

Thus, Auntie He left to prepare his Han Zhuoli\'s outfit for tomorrow night.

The next day, at the office, Han Zhuoli was considering the possibility of partnering with another Hollywood company, Sailei Films.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Come in, Han Zhuoli replied lightly.

Zheng Tianming opened the door and entered.

He then quickly informed Han Zhouli.

CEO, there is someone who claims to be the producer of Special Attack Force, Miss Wang Qianyun, she said she wants to meet you.

A bit curious and suspicious, Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

He remembered that back then Wang Qianyun said that she was just an Assistant Producer at Maxus Company, so how did she become the producer of Special Attack Force so quickly

For a film of Special Attack Force\'s level, the producer would still have to be a senior in the industry with a rich experience.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn\'t have anything to do with Wang Qianyun.

Go and investigate how Wang Qianyun became the producer of Special Attack Force, Han Zhuoli said solemnly.

Zheng Tianming felt a little unsure.

Was there something wrong with Wang Qianyun

Swallowing down his doubt, he nodded and said, Then will you be meeting Miss Wang, Sir

Let her come in, Han Zhuoli said.

Right now, Wang Qianyun was stopped at the reception on the first floor.

Even if it was the CEO of Maxus Company who didn\'t have an appointment, the front desk wouldn\'t let anyone enter so easily either.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli didn\'t imagine any other scenario other than Wang Qianyun being possibly held downstairs.

After getting Han Zhouli\'s instructions, Zheng Tianming took his leave.

Very soon, someone came knocking on the door again.

Following the knock, Zheng Tianming informed as he opened the door.

CEO, Miss Wang is here.

Stepping aside, Zheng Tianming let Wang Qianyun in.

Brother Han, Wang Qianyun called coyly and simpering the moment she stepped in.

Her face had coquettish grin on it and her cheeks were flushed red.

Zheng Tianming looked at Han Zhuoli, asking him whether he needed to stay behind.

Han Zhuoli thought for a moment and nodded slightly in agreement.

What if Lu Man found out and misunderstood them

There must be a witness present indeed.

Even Zheng Tianming could probably guess Han Zhuoli\'s thoughts right now.

Holding back his smile, he silently closed the door and stood at the corner, pretending to be invisible.

But how could he really become invisible

Unhappy, Wang Qianyun side-eyed him.

This assistant of Han Zhuoli is too socially unaware.

Why was he still hanging around here Doesn\'t he know that he should go away

Being aware of Wang Qianyun\'s gaze on him, Zheng Tianming instantly looked away, playing dumb.

What\'s the matter Han Zhuoli asked her coldly.

Han Zhuoli had splashed a bucket of cold water Wang Qianyun\'s burning passion, making her heart cold and empty.

You\'re not even surprised that I\'m back in China Wang Qianyun looked wronged, pitiful and sad.

If it was another man, they would have already started coaxing and comforting her already.

Annoyed, Han Zhuoli said impatiently, Didn\'t you say that you are Special Attack Force\'s producer

Then she must have came together with Special Attack Force.

Blushing, Wang Qianyun said coquettishly, If not for you, I wouldn\'t have followed them along.

Brother Han, I came here to see you.

Back when you were in America, you didn\'t even say goodbye before leaving.


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