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Later on, I\'ll treat them to a meal, and also make you look good in front of your classmates, Han Zhuoli said, a blissful smile on his face.

What\'s with your happy face. Lu Man poked his chest.

They are my friends, what\'s the use of boasting to them!

Then should we go and find Zhang Xiaoying to boast Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrow, thinking that it was possible.

Han Zhuoli was also holding back.

Earlier, he did not tell Wang Qianyun that Lu Man was his girlfriend because he was scared Wang Qianyun would cause trouble for Lu Man.

Although he firmly believed that Lu Man would not lose out in any way, he did not want Lu Man to be bothered by Wang Qianyun.

But he was Lu Man\'s boyfriend after all, and he wanted to announce it to the world.

But as of now, since Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leilei were Lu Man\'s close friends, it was all right to let them know.


By the time the car stopped close to the red carpet entrance, Lu Man\'s lipstick had already been kissed away by Han Zhuoli, and thus she could only take out a mirror to touch up her makeup.

On the other hand, the lipstick that was originally on her lips had now been rubbed onto Han Zhuoli\'s lips, and on that handsome face, the slight redness on his lip added a seductive feel to him, making him even more alluring than ever.

If you keep looking at me like that, I will really swallow you up now, Han Zhuoli said hoarsely.

With his current alluring handsome face with those blood-red lips, he indeed looked like a sexy vampire.

Thus, hearing his low and sexy voice, Lu Man was so seduced that his sexiness left her stunned for a while.

The sky had already darkened and it was about to get complete dark, and this made Han Zhuoli\'s seductiveness go up a level.

Still in a daze, Lu Man suddenly felt his hot breaths on her lips and instantly returned to her senses.

Thinking about how she got seduced by Han Zhuoli\'s looks and been in a daze, she felt embarrassed.

Seeing her flushed face sparkle in the darkness of the night, Han Zhuoli could not help but press his warm, thin lips onto her red cheeks, slowly moving towards her lips.

Just when he was about to kiss the corner of his lips, Lu Man pursed her lips.

With her hands, Lu Man covered his mouth such that only his black orbs were exposed.

With an innocent look on his face, Han Zhouli raised an eyebrow at her.

… Lu Man said softly, I just touched up my lipstick, don\'t mess it up again.

Left with no choice, Han Zhuoli could only give up.

When Lu Man put down her hands, she suddenly burst into laughter upon seeing his red lips.

Instantly, her beautiful laughter made him feel restless again and Han Zhuoli narrowed his eyes at her.

Look at it yourself, Lu Man took up a mirror and put it in front of his face.

Han Zhuoli: …

It was all because this girl wore red lipstick today that she transformed from a little vixen into a seductive empress who ruined the country.

Her new look left Han Zhouli perplexed and stunned.

Usually, when Lu Man did not wear makeup, she looked young and innocent, it did not go against the fact that she was in Year Two of University at the age of 23.

Moreover, she looked to be around the same age as the other classmates, and sometimes she even seemed younger than some of her classmates.

But when she put on the blood-red, seductive lipstick, she had the aura of a queen.

Usually, several television dramas had actresses put on a vixen\'s makeup, especially the female lead who would become evil later on.

Yet no one of them could even compare to Lu Man\'s seductive aura, she was a true vixen!

No matter what her look was, he really liked her a lot!

At this moment, Lu Man took out a pack of makeup removal wet tissues and helped wipe away the lipstick on Han Zhuoli\'s lips, so that people would not take the photos of his red lips as he walked down the red carpet later.

At that moment, Ji Cheng called to inform that they had already reached and were in the huge van not far behind them.

Thus, Han Zhuoli went with Lu Man to greet them and decided to just wait with Ji Cheng and the rest.

Not long after, Sun Yiwu arrived too and came directly to Ji Cheng\'s huge van.

When he came up, he was surprised to see Han Zhuoli there too.

Young Master Han, are you going to walk the red carpet with Brother Ji\'s production group


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