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I\'m familiar with Mr.

Wang, not her. Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows mockingly, with just a few words he expressed his displeasure.

I did not know that Miss Wang not only used Mr.

Wang\'s name to cheat people outside, but she also made use of my name.

At that moment, Ryan\'s face turned ugly.

What did he mean by using Mr.

Wang\'s name

Did he mean that even Wang Juhuai and Wang Qianyun\'s relationship was not as good as she claimed

Wang Qianyun\'s face instantly turned even more pitiful.

Big Brother Han! I know that you are a little angry with me, but there\'s no need to be like that, all right! Wang Juhuai is my uncle, how am I making exploiting our relation and cheating people You had come with Uncle Han in the past to meet my uncle, and I\'ve known you since childhood, did I say anything wrong

However, Han Zhuoli did not even argue with her about that, and only told Ryan, If you have favored her a lot because you thought she was familiar with me, then you\'re wrong.

Annoyed, Han Zhuoli twitched his lips.

If the Maxus Company wants to discuss a collaboration with Han Corporation, it\'s better if you find someone else, otherwise, I won\'t even bother to spare a glance.

Ryan\'s face darkened, he did not think at all that Han Zhuoli\'s and Wang Qianyun\'s relationship was like that.

Honestly, Wang Qianyun was Wang Juhuai\'s niece after all.

Moreover, Han Zhuoli and his father had a good relationship with Wang Juhuai, so even though he was not familiar with Wang Qianyun at all and had only met a few times, he should not treat Wang Qianyun like this out of respect for Wang Juhuai.

Unless Wang Qianyun using Han Zhuoli\'s name had enraged Han Zhuoli.

Or maybe Wang Qianyun had done something to invoke Han Zhuoli\'s hatred.

In a blink of an eye, Ryan had already analyzed everything.

Yet, Ryan put on a smile and tried to appease Han Zhouli.

Since it\'s what CEO Han wants, we\'ll definitely replace her.

So when would CEO Han be free

Han Zhuoli smiled mildly.

My current schedule is quite tight, so it\'s hard to confirm the time, I\'ll have my assistant make an appointment and see when I\'m free.

Although displeased with his response, Ryan quickly smiled back.

Alright, then we\'ll go in first.

Han Zhuoli nodded in courtesy, and Ryan and his team went to the front row seats.

They had just left when there was a person who came to greet them.

Whether it was Sun Yiwu, the renowned director, or Ji Cheng whose popularity was increasing day by day, they were already big shots in the industry, much less to say there was even Han Zhuoli, the Big Boss of the industry present here.

Thus, after the exchange of greetings, even if they wanted to leave they could not, and could only continue to sit there.

When Ryan and his team reached the front row, Ryan did not care for Wang Qianyun at all because of Han Zhouli\'s words.

On the other hand, Wang Qianyun knew that if she did not do something to prove her importance, she would become a joke once she returned to the company.

Anxious, she frantically thought of ideas.

Suddenly she took out her cell phone and called Wang Juhuai.

Uncle, I reached B City already.

Didn\'t you tell me to call you once I reached We just reached, and simply freshened up and came to the premiere location, now we\'re waiting for the premiere to start, so I had time to call you.

Don\'t worry.

When Wang Juhuai received Wang Qianyun\'s phone call, he found felt that something was amiss as he heard her words.

Why was she calling him out of the blue

He did not instruct her to do anything, and neither did he tell her to inform him once she reached B City safely.

Honestly, back then when Han Zhuoli had been annoyed by Wang Qianyun so much that he had to leave hastily just to get away from her, Wang Juhuai had scolded Wang Qianyun, and from that time, had not cared about her after that.

Neither had he contacted her nor had he let her visit him.

Even the helpers who had sold the situation at home out to Wang Qianyun had all been fired.


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