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Hearing Wang Qianyun\'s words now, Wang Juhuai just found it strange.

All right, Wang Juhuai said mildly, and hung up.

On the other hand, Wang Qianyun couldn\'t care less about Wang Juhuai\'s indifference, she was just putting up an act for Ryan.

And as expected, Ryan\'s facial expression became better.

He had almost forgotten that even though Wang Qianyun wasn\'t on good terms with Han Zhuoli as she claimed, she was truly Wang Juhuai\'s niece.

Seeing how Wang Qianyun was talking to Wang Juhuai like they were so close, Ryan put away his cold expression.

Very soon, the movie premiere officially started.

On the stage, there was a large sofa set and when the emcee went onto the stage, he instantly the main cast of Attack Force.

All the mild, simple questions the emcee asked were related to the production of Attack Force only.

It was lively due to the interesting stories shared by the director, male and female lead regarding their experiences during filming, the difficulty of shooting this movie, and their pride and expectations towards this movie.

Now, it\'s time for the reporters to ask questions, the emcee announced.

Waiting for a long time for this opportunity, the reporters did not ask as delicate questions and go easy on the crew as the emcee.

The first reporter asked, Director Bourbotte, have you watched Red Tiger yet Very coincidentally, Red Tiger\'s theme is the same as Attack Force.

They\'re all having the special forces as the main lead.

But the difference is, Red Tiger is the special forces going to save human captives, while Attack Force is infiltrating into the enemy camp to destroy stuff.

But since the theme is similar, obviously people would compare them.

So can Mr.

Bourbotte talk about the difference between the two movies

I heard that the box office collection of Red Tiger broke records and reviews are excellent.

Moreover, everyone is the lead in it, and it was well-received by the audience, Bourbotte answered politely, So, I especially went to see.

Everyone off stage was happy.

Not only the people from the entertainment industry were present at the premiere, but there were also local reporters and the local public who had managed to buy tickets with much difficulty.

Whether it was the reporters or the audience, everyone\'s face showed happiness.

Look, even Director Bourbotte has watched Red Tiger.

We also have a high quality and popular big movie! The theme is amazing, it\'s good and interesting.

Red Tiger is the pride of our locally produced movie!

Finally, our movie is getting the acknowledgment of the world.

It\'s a Chinese blockbuster, our country\'s pride!

The audience was brimming with happiness while the reporters were brimming with pride.

In the past whenever they introduced their locally produced movies to the famous directors in different parts of the world, the other party would always be confused.

However now, even great directors like Bourbotte had proactively watch it.

This was a tremendous success for their movie industry!

But the next moment, they heard Bourbotte say, There is a visible improvement in how you film the movie, it\'s quite good.

However, when it comes to standards, it\'s still lacking, and it does not do justice to its box office collection.

Red Tiger\'s standard just matches the standard of a commercial filmed 20 years ago in Hollywood.

I was very shocked to see such a movie break the box office record here.

Be it the special effects, explosion scene, the pacing of the film or martial arts, it\'s inept.


Even though he said that it was quite good, the truth is that he\'s totally mocking Red Tiger, treating it like trash.

Saying that it has the standard of 20 years ago, it\'s too insulting!

Does he think that we\'ve not seen the recent Hollywood blockbusters Compared to those, Red Tiger is not lacking at all!


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