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Bourbotte: …

Hahahahahaha! He has a problem! How can they compete like that! It\'s just your Attack Force that\'s excellent, you are the best, you are the best in the universe!

Isn\'t this just plain cheating Don\'t they find it embarrassing

Moreover, he\'s a world-class famous director! He is looking down on Red Tiger, yet not daring to let box office collection to speak for the success of the movie.

If he could not win, he would say that the audience does not know how to appreciate a good movie, that way no matter what, we would be at fault!

Good good good, it\'s us who don\'t know how to appreciate, your Attack Force, an action film has too deep meaning for us to not even understand fights, and we can only understand movies like Red Tiger which pay attention to even minute details.

I did not say that! Bourbotte\'s face turned red.

This woman, why was her mouth so horrifying!

He only knew that Lu Man was Red Tiger\'s female lead, but he did not know about Lu Man\'s previous records.

Hahahahahaha, another one crushed by Lu Man!

Everyone was amused watching it, finding Lu Man\'s power of crushing people too terrifying!

Then what do you want to do Lu Man shook her head helplessly as if dealing with an immature child.

You said Red Tiger cannot compare to Attack Force, how do you want to prove it When I suggested box office collection, you said that box office collection cannot prove it.

If the audience\'s review is to be considered, you feel like the audience can\'t understand it.

Could it be that everything must go according to what you say If you say that it is good, it is good, if you say that it is bad, it is bad.

You are above the audience.

Since you are so capable and talented, why don\'t you arrange the Oscars as well

Hahahahahahahaha! Right! If you\'re so capable, then you can arrange the Oscars! After all, whether a movie\'s quality is based on your review solely!

Right right right! If you say it\'s bad, it is bad.

Be it the Best Movie, the Best Male and Female Lead award, all the awards are only yours.

You guys are twisting my words! Bourbotte roared angrily.

Since the audience was making a lot of noise, he could not understand what they were saying.

But he could hear the mocking tone in those voices.

On the other hand, Ryan did not think so straightforwardly as Bourbotte, after all, after looking down on the audience\'s blockbuster movie on their motherland, no matter who they mocked, that person would definitely not take it lightly!

After filming a few movies, Bourbotte\'s films were called the Work of God, making him think that he was a big shot in the movie industry.

With the scholarly attitude, he started looking down on everyone, not thinking of the consequences.

He felt that he had the right to say anything to anyone and that person should not refute him.

Thus, he had an obnoxious prideful temper which he believed that a genius like him should have.

His attitude had enraged Ryan tremendously; the moment they had come, they had completely insulted the audience, what if the audience now refused to watch their movie

Although the large Chinese market offered several benefits and exciting rewards, it didn\'t mean that there were no losses at all.

Thus, Ryan hurriedly tried to manage the situation.

Director Bourbotte did not mean that.

You are have misunderstood.

I think that this is the difference between the Chinese and Western cultures, the problem lies with bad translation, creating misunderstandings between the two parties.

Pei! Do you really think we don\'t understand English Someone struck back at him in English.

Earlier you were pushing the blame onto the audience, and now you are pushing the blame onto the translator.

Wow! You guys are really too good!

All flared up, some people even stood up and shouted.

I\'m a student from the Foreign Language School and I majored in English, I clearly heard Bourbotte\'s words just now and no way did the translator translate it wrong at all!

Lu Man said coldly, There\'s no need to find excuses, let the box office collection speak! When Attack Force can exceed Red Tiger, then you can have the right to critique whether Red Tiger is good or not.



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