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Lu Man: Nope, I\'m waiting.

After midnight, some reviews finally came up on Weibo.

I just came out of the movie theater.

Honestly, it\'s filmed quite well, but it\'s still a little slow-paced.

It\'s probably because I\'ve become used to the fast pace of Red Tiger that when I watched Attack Force, I found it quite draggy.

Right from the start to the end, Red Tiger was full of fighting scenes with planes, warships, all sorts of weapons, bomb denotation, exploding scenes, it\'s just one after another, never letting me move my gaze away from the screen, I didn\'t even go to the washroom at all, not daring to leave the theater, scared that I would miss something, the whole way to the end, I was excited and captivated by Red Tiger unlike Attack Force.

On the other hand, Attack Force is kind of letting down secret agents.

The opening was a longueur with the world-building taking up of half of the time.

The director spent a lot of time trying to illustrate the cruelty of war, and he wanted to make the movie seem very deep, but in the end, it did not really hit where it wanted to.

It isn\'t deep or complex to understand, rather the story it too dragged out, wanting to stir up emotions but it only ended up ruining the pacing.

They wanted the starting scene to be a big, engrossing and meaningful, but the main plot only came in the second half of the movie.

Perhaps because the director\'s previous movies were successful, he has become prideful and placed himself on a pedestal and his overconfidence must have barred this movie from even matching up to the standards of an average movie.

After this review was posted, some netizens instantly replied to that post.

What did Bourbotte say before Didn\'t he say that Red Tiger had barely matched the standards If Red Tiger barely passed as a true movie, then what about Attack Force, a below-average movie, doesn\'t that mean they did not pass

After mocking Red Tiger, he really got slapped in the face, well done!

The very next moment, Bourbotte fans came out in his support.

If you don\'t understand, then don\'t just comment.

It\'s the work of the Great God Bourbotte, how could it be so superficial This movie might not feel as exciting as Red Tiger, but you definitely need to bring your brain along to watch it, it\'s different from the brainless feel of Red Tiger.

You said that the story was draggy, but I feel there were many scenes in it where its deep, silent meaning spoke volumes.

From the attack of the special attack team to the contrast of retreat, the soldier shouted wanting to go home again and again.

Such a heart-wrenching scene left me crying.

There is also a vast and calm ocean at the beginning that made me feel the insignificance of human beings.

Only Bourbotte can make me experience such emotions within a short span of time.

Boast, just vague, blind boasting, do you think that we can\'t realize it You need not make a film sound deep to increase its quality.

At that moment, Lu Man\'s phone rang.

Lu Man.

Tang Zi. Lu Man greeted.

How did you find it Tell me the truth, don\'t favor Red Tiger because of me.

Ha, what favor! Tang Zi yawned.

I\'ll tell you the truth, I slept for more than half of the movie.

I saw the arguments online, those fans were intentionally pretending, saying that the movie was too emotional.

It isn\'t as deep as they claim it to be, you\'ll understand as soon as you see it.

Alright, I know. Lu Man hung up.

Even Ji Cheng and the rest in the group had got to know the reviews from different channels.

Alright, just sleep first.

If there\'s anything, we can discuss it tomorrow.

It\'s too late now, my brain can\'t work anymore! Ji Cheng exclaimed.

Right, there aren\'t a lot of reviews online yet, we will have to wait for the official public premiere for the specifics, Sun Yiwu also said in agreement.


Meanwhile, Bourbotte and his team rest had yet to see the reviews as they were left stunned by screening times allotted to them by Han Corporation.

What does Han Zhuoli want to do now! Not giving us any showtimes at all! Ryan roared angrily.

The Han Corporation theater chain took up more than half of the movie industry in the country.

With Han Corporation not giving them a single screening at all, they had clearly lost out on more than half of the movie industry.


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