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The three of them thought they were speaking in a hushed tone and but they were wrong when they thought they would not be heard by Han Zhuoli.

Sensing their confusion, Han Zhuoli introduced himself.

“Im sorry I introduced myself earlier.

Im Lu Mans boyfriend, Han Zhuoli.”

Han Zhuoli

Confused, Pan Xue muttered, “Why does this name sound so familiar”

Han Zhuoli… Han Zhuoli…

They just knew a person called Han Zhuoli who was the CEO of Han Corporation.

Fortunately, no matter how clumsy Pan Xue was, she was not dumb.

The next moment, there was a baffled expression on her face as she linked the Han Corporations CEO Han Zhouli to this Han Zhouli in front of her.

After all, it wasnt impossible to link them together.

She had seen Han Zhuoli in the photos and videos several times but although when she met him as Lu Mans boyfriend, she did not recognize him quickly and also did not dare to think of him as a celebrity.

However, when Han Zhouli introduced herself and with the fact that she found him familiar, she easily put the two pieces together.

No wonder when Fighting Hero aired at the same time as Red Tiger, Han Corporation had reduced the showtimes of Fighting Hero so much.

Also even before Attack Force aired, Han Corporation had also removed Attack Force from their theatres.

So all those reasons given by Han Corporation had to be fake, the real reason was that Han Zhuoli was domineeringly protecting his wife!

Unbelievable, he was supporting his girlfriend!

The three of them had awhat the f*ck expression on their faces.

If they werent in the car, they would have really kowtowed.

They had anticipated Lu Mans boyfriend to be from an affluent family, but never did they imagine him to be Han Corporations CEO, someone who owned more than half of the entertainment industry!

“Lu… Lu Man…” Pan Xue was especially frantic, nervous till her tongue was in knots.

“If you had told us earlier that your boyfriend is… is Young Master Han, then no matter what, we wouldnt have dared to make him treat us to a meal.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Be composed,” Lu Man said helplessly, “Whats there to be so afraid”

Zheng Yuanshi really wanted to kneel down for Lu Man.

“No wonder you never talked about your boyfriend.

If I did not see it personally, it would be very hard for me to believe.

Furthermore, there would be a lot of people eyeing him if you ever let others see.”

Amused by their reaction, Han Zhuoli tried to help them calm their nerves.

“Over here, Im not the CEO of Han Corporation, you guys can just simply treat me as Lu Mans boyfriend.”

On the other hand, Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue, and Han Leilei were vehemently denying this in their hearts.

How could they dare to This was not something they could do so easily!

“What do you guys want to eat” Han Zhuoli asked in a friendly tone.

“We… we arent picky,” Han Leilei said, a bit hesitant.

“Do you have any food that you have to avoid” Han Zhuoli asked again.

He clearly asked them whether the three were picky or not or whether they had to avoid any food, but there were too shy to be honest.

Seeing how the three people were too embarrassed to mention what they wanted to eat, Han Zhuoli helped them decide.

It took quite a while for the three of them to calm down and return back to their normal selves.

Suddenly remembering something, Pan Xue stifled a laugh.

“Why are you laughing” Han Leilei asked, finding it strange.

“Hehe, Im laughing at Zhang Xiaoying.” Pan Xue found it funnier the more she thought about it.

“Isnt she so arrogant, bringing Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian along to mock Lu Man for not having a background every day.


She was really anticipating Zhang Xiaoyings reaction on finding out Lu Mans boyfriends identity!

In the meantime, Han Zhuoli brought them to a Chinese restaurant with an ancient vibe.

After getting a private room, Han Zhuoli just ordered the dishes for them when Zheng Yuanshi suddenly exclaimedaiya when she saw the conversation in the WeChat group of their class.

“What is it” Lu Man asked.

“Look at the class group,” Zheng Yuanshi said, “They all went for Bourbottes lecture.

But Bourbotte still had that haughty attitude.

The whole time, he just kept promoting Attack Force, and had boasted about himself, praising how good Attack Force was filmed, claiming that their techniques and filming skills are light years ahead of us and thus how his Attack Force will totally suppress all the movies airing at the same time once it airs.”

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