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Wang Qianyun: “…”

“What did they say on the internet” Bourbotte asked, his face dark and gloomy.

His anger was already giving him chest pain.

Wang Qianyun: “…”

What could she even say

Say that she didnt know who came up with such a terrible yet terrific move and created respected group chats, splitting the work to increase the box office collection of local movies

“What exactly is going on” Ryan urged too.

Since they didnt understand Chinese, it was honestly a struggle for them.

They couldnt even receive the news directly as they had to have someone translate it for them.

Even Berkeley and Susanna were staring hard at Wang Qianyun.

Both of them were over the moon when they got cast in Bourbottes film.

They planned to rely on this film to take a huge step forward in their career and also hoped to increase their net worth.

They didnt want to become a flop in this largest market and return to America as a joke.

As for Wang Qianyun, left with no choice, she reluctantly told them how netizens had organized themselves into groups and rallied up to increasing the box office collection.

“This bunch of people… this bunch of people! They are too despicable!” Bourbotte roared angrily.

“They are all just a bunch of despicable scoundrels!”

They were all using their brains in the wrong areas!

“How could they be so organized Arent they all strangers who dont know each other” Ryan found it a bit strange.

Even Wang Qianyun found it strange and thus rushed to find out more.

Previously, she didnt pay keen attention but now she scrutinized it deeply and kept back tracking the reposted post.

Finally, when she found the original Weibo post, she almost fainted in rage.

“Its Lu Man!”

Ryan hurriedly grabbed the phone over to take a look, but he still couldnt understand it.

Infuriated, Wang Qianyun pointed at Lu Mans name.

“This is Lu Man, the one who kept challenging us.

She was the one who started it.”

“Oh god!” Susannas face was in complete disbelief.

Shocked, she facepalmed and asked in bewilderment accompanied with hate.

“How could she go against the rules like this Isnt she an actress How can an actor personally rally up the netizens to do something like this”

This was completely too incredulous!

“She is really going against the rules!” Berkeley roared in rage.

If Zhang Lun was around, he would definitely tell them that Lu Man always joined the battle herself!


That was impossible!

Before she was an actress, she was a famous public relations officer.

If she didnt become an actor and went on to become a manager instead, perhaps the title of the top manager in the country would have been hers now.

Enraged and worried, Ryan could only look for the public relations team of Maxus Company, having them release a statement on Weibo reprimanding such immoral behavior of raising the box office.

Attack Forces official Weibo: “This tactic of increasing the box office has seriously disrupted the film market, its is very immoral! This type of box office is fake, and completely doesnt count.

Whats even the point of winning”

Seeing the statement released by Attack Force, Lu Man raised her eyebrows and reposted that post.

“Comrades, Attack Force is getting scared, they are like a cat on a hot tin roof!”

“Hahahahahaha! Bourbotte, kneel down and call me daddy!”

“Today, Ill teach you to improve your character, teach you the right attitude you should have in our turf!”

“Directors who want to come in the future, come and take a look.

This is a very good example!”

Bracing herself for the worst, Wang Qianyun translated all of it for them which left Bourbotte seething in rage so much that he couldnt even catch his breath.

Very soon, Red Tigers official Weibo released a poster.

“Congratulations! Red Tiger has hit the 7 billion mark at the box office!”

Bourbotte: “…”

Ryan: “…”

On the other hand, Lu Man leaned into Han Zhuolis arms as she commanded her soldiers calmly and efficiently on the internet.

Usually the netizens always used to be in a state of disunity, and it would be too difficult to organize them.

Yet suddenly, they somehow became organized and turned into soldiers, following Lu Mans orders, fighting wherever she wanted them to be.

He didnt know how this little girl did it either.

It seemed like she could unite and rally up people from different background with her charm.

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