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What Who were they

She didnt even hear about Han Zhuoli dating anyone, let alone get engaged to someone.

“This is Man Man, Zhuolis girlfriend.” Old Mrs.

Han introduced them.

“You look a little familiar.” Lin Liye thought for a moment.

“Are you Lu Man The one from Red Tiger ”

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded politely.

Lin Liye immediately broke into a smile.

“I saw the news on the Internet recently, it really resolved my anger! We cant let those foreigners mocks us and still be so smug.

Since they are in our turf, they have to respect us and follow our rules.”

Pleased, Old Mrs.

Han nodded with satisfaction at Lin Liyes reaction.

Her daughter-in-law was much more sensible than Han Dongping.

Han Dongping was foolish! However, he finally did one right thing, which was to marry Lin Liye.

As for Lin Liye, she knew that Han Dongping wanted to help Dai Yiran get close to Han Zhouli.

However, she really couldnt like that girl Dai Yiran.

She was completely dependent on her family and yet she was smug and haughty, feeling that she was the most impressive girl out there in the world.

Thus, Lin Liye really found Dai Yiran to be a very petty person.

How could someone like her marry into the Han family!

Even if Han Zhuoli really agreed to it, the two elders definitely wont give their blessing either.

However, Han Dongping was adamant on getting on Han Rongchengs good side, and thought that he could actually involve himself in Han Zhuolis private matters.

Even though Lin Liye was unhappy about it, she also didnt want to get into a conflict with her husband for Han Zhuoli and thus decided not to say anything about it, leaving Han Dongping to torment himself over it.

If he could really set up Han Zhuoli and Dai Yiran, then that would be good for Han Dongping too.

But even if he couldnt, it would also help Han Dongping give up on it sooner and stop entertaining Dai Yiran all day long.

Dai Yiran had visited their place a couple of times before, annoying Lin Liye greatly.

No matter what, Lin Liye really couldnt take a liking to her at all.

Therefore, Lin Liye had a rather good attitude towards Xia Qingwei and Lu Man right now.

“Mom, is Dongping still not here yet” Lin Liye asked.

“He is busy discussing some business with a client so I didnt ask him to come over.” Old Mrs.

Han explained briefly.

However, Lin Liye instantly got the meaning behind her words.

Old Mrs.

Han was also worried that Han Dongping would be upset and would keep frowning if he was here, affecting Han Zhuolis engagement.

Thus, she asked softly, “Then, do I have to tell him about it when I get back”

Old Mrs.

Han looked at Lin Liye appreciatively and her eyes shining with happiness.

Her eldest son might be foolish, but thankfully her eldest daughter-in-law was still pretty intelligent.

“If he asks you about it, and asks you why you came here today, you can tell him straight away.

But if he doesnt ask, theres no need to tell him either, in case something goes awry,” Old Mrs.

Han replied softly.

Lin Liye nodded, indicating that she had understood.

After seeing Lin Liye nod in agreement, Old Mrs.

Han shifted her gaze at Han Zhuofeng who was munching on a watermelon and sighed in relief. Thankfully, this mother and son are still pretty good.

“Oh right, Mom, this engagement was so rushed and hasty, have you prepared the dowry How about the three gold items 1  Even if its not much money, it is still part of the customs.” Lin Liye reminded her.

Old Mrs.

Han patted her head.

“Gosh, I really forgot about this matter.”

Old Mrs.

Han hurriedly pulled Shen Nuo over.

“Why didnt you think about this”

Shen Nuo: “…”

She didnt have any experience getting a daughter-in-law either.

Lin Liye smiled and said politely, “Sister-in-law doesnt have any experience.

I only knew about this because Zhuofeng still has an older brother Zhuoling.

He got married two years ago, so I have experience.”

“Then when you helped Zhuoling with his engagement, how much was the dowry and engagement gifts” Shen Nuo asked curiously.

“That situation was different then.

Zhuolings marriage was a business marriage, we just gave them a cheque.

But for Lu Man… wouldnt it be too inappropriate to give her a cheque” Lin Liye said.

She then hesitated for a moment before asking, “But if you knew how much the gift for Zhuolings engagement was, and you happened to give her less than it, would Lu Man feel that it is unfair”

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