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Chapter 665: Skillful Swordmaster

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Along with that statement, he attached a very blurry photo.

Within a second, all the netizens instantly blew up with excitement.

You have to know, Han Zhuoli had a lot of fans, he wasnt any lesser than any currently popular young “fresh meat”.

He was handsome, cool and domineering, a completely accurate depiction of the arrogant, tsundere CEO in young girls minds.

He had tons and tons of wife fans 1.

Usually, he didnt even post a single Weibo post for an entire year.

But whenever he would post one, he would attract the attention of all his wife fans who would call him “husband” in the Weibo comment section.

When this post was finally out, people were crying and bawling in the comment section.

“Oh god, my husband usually wont even post on Weibo for an entire year.

This year, he finally posted something and in just a few days, he even posted another one, yet who knew that it would be so heartbreaking the moment he posted it.”

“Husband, how could you get engaged Do you not want me anymore”

“Ah ah ah ah, exactly who managed to conquer my male god I envy you, I am jealous of you, but I hate you!”

“Hold on, since when did he have a girlfriend He is so good at keeping it a secret! We didnt even know when he got a girlfriend, and suddenly he announced that he is engaged”

“I have to say, Mr.

CEOs photograph skills are worse than the lowest standard.

Look at how blur the photo is.

No wonder he never posts any selfies.”

“Since youre already engaged, you should at least get your girlfriend to improve your photography skills!”

“You must be doing this intentionally, on purpose! You just dont want other people to clearly see your girlfriends hand.”

“Oh god, you dont even let us see her hand, that is too cool! Tsundere CEO is really so cool, cool cool cool!”

“My male god! Why are you suddenly engaged!”

“I was not prepared at all.”

“Is our male god going to be some skillful swordmaster In his previous Weibo post, he stabbed Zhang Lun, and now he stabbed us, his wives, he is getting more and more powerful.”

“I really want to know who our male gods fiancée is.

Im so angry!”

“Did Han Zhuolis wife save the universe in her past life”

“Stop wondering already, its actually me.

I hate you, didnt we say not to publicly announce it Why are you suddenly so high profile about it!”

“Ive been hiding it for so many years, but it looks like I cant hide it any longer.

I am actually Han Zhuolis fiancée.”

“All those who are dreaming, wake up! Stop asking who his fiancee is already.

Such a grand household like the Han family would definitely marry someone of the same status for business reasons too.

The other party must be a second-generation heiress of some big corporation.

Lets start searching at the rich billionaire list, and see who is still single and looks decent, she could very likely be Han Zhuolis fiancée.”

“Wow, you really think very quickly!”

Seeing all these comments, Lu Man broke into a smile.

She then turned to look at Han Zhuoli.

Thousands and thousands of wife fans had their hearts broken because of the news of his engagement.

The whole internet was blowing up.

So many people were guessing who Han Zhuolis girlfriend was, but no one guessed it to be her.

However, when she thought that this man, a man admired by many yet unapproachable to others was her fiance now, her heart brimmed with happiness.

Han Zhuoli was hers!

Looking at her laughing to herself secretly, Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows and pulled her hand over, asking in a deep voice, “What are you laughing about”

“Its just… I saw all these comments and my ego feels extremely satisfied.” Lu Man smiled so happily that her eyes turned into little crescents.

Even Han Zhuoli broke into a smile.

“You actually have an egoistic side”

If she really did, she would have already announced to the entire world that they were dating.

But he also knew Lu Mans concern, that if had they announced it, Lu Qiyuan would have tried to cling onto Han family and him.

Even if Lu Qiyuan completely couldnt get any benefit from it, getting pestered by Lu Qiyuan every day would be nauseating to anyone too.


Ch 665 Footnote 1

“Wife fans” are a type of fans who consider their idol as their husbands.

Other types of fans include “mom fans” or “auntie fans” etc.

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