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Chapter 667: Coincidence

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“Ah ah ah, my male god got engaged today too!”

“The above netizen, who is your male god”

“Of course, its Han Zhuoli!”

“Oh god, what a coincidence! Lu Man and Han Zhuoli are actually getting engaged on the same day Can it get any more coincidental!”

“I have a bold idea, could Han Zhuolis fiancée be Lu Man, ah hahahahaha! I wont lie to you guys, saying it out loud, even I cant believe it.”

“Your idea is really bold and wild, but its impossible.

I dont believe it either, it must be a coincidence.”

“Congrats Goddess of Fury, Lu Man!”

“Its rare to have someone like Lu Man in the entertainment industry, shes like a breath of fresh air.

She didnt even break up with her boyfriend after getting famous and even got engaged to her boyfriend when her career is on the rise.”

“Indeed, Lu Man already told us that she had a boyfriend even before she became famous.

Now that her career is on the rise, she got engaged to her boyfriend! Its rare to have someone so down-to-earth in the entertainment industry.

Other female celebrities are afraid that if others find out that they are dating, it would spoil their career and even think about using the fact that they are single to make certain things more convenient for them.

However, Lu Man didnt go down this path and created her own when she entered the industry, relying solely on her works to prove herself.”

Not only Lu Mans fans but the usually passive netizens also approved of her.

However, since Lu Man entered the industry, not only did she gain fans, she also gained many competitors.

Moreover, the fans of her competitors werent friendly or polite.

“Hehe, Lu Man is so shameless! Who knows whether she is really engaged Han Zhuoli just announced that he was getting engaged, and right after that Lu Man announced that she was engaged too.

She is clearly asking for people to misunderstand her relationship with Han Zhuoli.

What a joke! As for Han Zhuolis fiancé, no matter who we guess she might be, she definitely wouldnt be Lu Man.

They are two incompatible people from two different worlds.

Other than the fact that Lu Man is an artiste under Han Corporation, the two of them look like they wont have any connections at all.”

“Hehe, Lu Man has a boyfriend, but she is still lusting and fantasizing over her boss How brave! If Han Zhuoli knew about it, maybe he would end her career.”

“Dont forget what Lu Man real profession is.

She is already experienced and skillful at increasing popularity.

She clearly saw that news of Han Zhuoli getting engaged blew up a storm on the internet, thus she seized the opportunity to increase her popularity.

Wait and watch if you dont believe, she will definitely get up on the trending searches.”

“Hehe, she just rides on everyones popularity, how shameless!”

On the other hand, Lu Mans fans were unhappy.

“Our Goddess of Fury, Lu Man still needs to rely on other people for her popularity Her Red Tiger is so popular right now, all right She herself is on the top trending searches.

Haters stop coming over to show off your small IQ.”

“Shut up haters!.

She just coincidentally had the same engagement date.

Whats wrong”

As for those haters mocking, Lu Man didnt even bother with it.

After the lunch banquet, Lu Man and Xia Qingwei stayed back at the Old Han mansion to have tea and chat for a while.

At 3 in the afternoon, they got ready to leave.

All this while, Wang Qianyun had been waiting patiently in her car.

She was so tired that she was just about to fall asleep.

Finally, Wang Qianyun saw the entrance of the Old Han mansion opening and immediately perked up, staring at the direction of the entrance, not blinking even a single bit.

After a while, she saw Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng coming out.

Following them, Han Zhuoli was the come out.

Following right behind him, it was actually Lu Man!

There was even an older woman who looked rather similar to Lu Man, it seemed that she was Lu Mans mother.

Behind Lu Man and Xia Qingwei, Shen Nuo and Han Xijin appeared.

After that, even the two elders came out personally.

Wang Qianyun saw Xia Qingwei turning her head, laughing and talking about something with the two elders, Han Xijin and his wife.

They all seemed pretty close and chummy as if they were on really good terms.

Wang Qianyun widened her eyes in disbelief.

Just now, Auntie Sun said that it was Han Zhuolis engagement.

Even on Weibo, Han Zhuoli personally announced it too, saying that he was engaged.

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