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Chapter 672: Its Not Fear, Its Love

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“Mom, didnt Auntie use a scheme to get married to Uncle” Wang Qianyun set her mind on finding a way.

“Isnt Auntie your best friend When I get back, ask her to help me think of a plan.”

Luo Wangyuans expression changed.

“Why arent you even considering that she has already divorced your uncle If she really was capable, why couldnt she have securely locked your uncle down and even let them walk down the path of divorce”

“I dont care about that.

Even if we get divorced in the future, at least I had him once.

Besides, I wouldnt be like Auntie.

If I really get married to Han Zhuoli, I will definitely tie him down securely and never divorce him.” Wang Qianyun said confidently, “In the worst-case scenario, even if I do divorce him, then at least I would still have been Mrs.

Han once.

I definitely sat in the position of Han Zhuolis wife before.

Even if we get divorced in the future, I also wouldnt let his current girlfriend get away so easily.

I will ruthlessly snatch Han Zhuoli from that womans bare hands, making it impossible for her to ever be with Han Zhuoli in this lifetime.

Even if I will get divorced in the future, I will still do it.”

Luo Wangyuan stayed silent for a moment.

“No matter what, you should plan ahead, but well talk about it after youre back.

Right now, your auntie is still thinking of remarrying your uncle, but I think itll be hard.

If they could get back together, he wouldnt have divorced her in the first place.”

“Mom, lets try to help wherever we can,” Wang Qianyun said.

“Uncle has been pretty cold towards me lately, he doesnt even let me visit anymore.

If this goes on, without Uncles support, it will also be difficult for our family.

Auntie has always been on good terms with us.

As long as they can get remarried, with Auntie around, would we even have to worry that Uncle would be distant towards us Right now, he isnt held down by anyone, and thats why Uncle doesnt have any concerns or worry and can just toss our family aside easily.

Without Uncles signature name, Dads career and my career will both be ended.”

“Even if you didnt say that, wouldnt I have already known” Luo Wangyuan sighed.

“I really have been helping your Auntie a lot.

But Im scared that if I help her too much, your uncle will hate us even more.

Thus, before the matter could even be solved, we will have dragged your auntie down even more.”

Wang Qianyun rubbed the corner of her eyes in frustration.

“Ill be heading back soon.

Well talk about it when I get there.”


Han Zhuoli, Lu Man, and Xia Qingwei were driving back.

Along the way, Han Zhuoli received a phone call from Han Xijin.

“Young brat, how dare you push the blame onto me! What relationship between Wang Qianyun and me! You really dared say it!” Han Xijin said angrily.

This young brat, would anyone scheme against their father like that

Han Zhuoli put on his earphones.

“I was trying to disgust Wang Qianyun.

How would I not know about the relationship between you and Mom Even if I said that, Mom also wouldnt have believed it, right You are just helping me, your son.

Mom will definitely understand.”

“Understand my foot!” Shen Nuos voice suddenly came through the phone.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

He was very curious.

Exactly how much was his father afraid of his own wife that he even had to put his phone on speaker mode

“Dad, do you not even plan on maintaining your cold and serious image in front of your son You are really losing out to no one in terms of how scared you are of your wife.” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

“Haha, dont just talk about me.

If youre not afraid and have the capability, would you dare to be a little more firm with Lu Man” Han Xijin laughed coldly.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“Thats not fear for me, its love,” Han Zhuoli said.

He placed her right in the center of her heart and pampered her.

He didnt even want her to get angry over him.

That was love!

“Haha, me too.” Han Xijins face was cold.

“Dont change the topic!” Shen Nuo said angrily.

“Dont you dare use your father as a shield ever again.”

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