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Xia Qingwei saw the flirtatious looks the two of them were giving each other.

This matter was officially set in stone.

When night came, after Han Zhuoli had stayed for dinner, he took Lu Man back home.

Xia Qingwei saw how anxious he was and knew that it had really been very difficult for Han Zhuoli to stay here every day during this period of time.

“Youre in such a rush” Xia Qingwei asked in surprised.

“I still have to pack Man Mans luggage for her.”

“Theres no need to, Ive already prepared everything for her at my place.

Everythings there,” Han Zhuoli said.

He had already prepared everything a long time ago.

He was only waiting for Lu Man to bring her bag along and come.

Xia Qingwei: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

Exactly how long had he been waiting

“Besides, Man Mans things should stay here.

We are still going to come back and visit every now and then,” Han Zhuoli said.

If they moved all of Lu Mans things out all at once, wouldnt that make Xia Qingweis heart feel empty

With Lu Mans things still there, she could come back anytime, and the difference wouldnt be that great to Xia Qingwei.

She wouldnt feel that once Lu Man left, the house was empty and bare and then feel sad.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli had even considered that.

Xia Qingwei felt really touched.

She was even more convinced that it was really reassuring to leave Lu Man in Han Zhuolis hands.

Han Zhuoli prioritized Lu Man first, then her, and finally himself.

Only by placing Lu Man at the center of his heart could he then be so considerate to both Lu Man and her.

Many women would complain that their own boyfriends or husbands were careless, were not thoughtful or sensitive enough, and be angered by them quite a lot.

However, you wouldnt be able to find such a flaw in Han Zhuoli at all.

Xia Qingwei smiled as she sent the two of them off.

As Lu Man didnt have any luggage with her, it was just like when she left for a date with Han Zhuoli.

She was only carrying her bag with her; it looked like she would be back pretty soon.

However, when she closed the door, Xia Qingweis heart inevitably felt like it was missing a part.

She sighed deeply and clutched her chest.

When she was encouraging Lu Man, it seemed like she was really open-minded about it, but that was her precious daughter after all.

In the first half of Lu Mans life, she couldnt take care of her properly.

Now that their lives were getting better and better, she had been exceptionally satisfied living with Lu Man every day.

Finally, it was a home again.

She felt like she hadnt had enough of such days.

Perhaps it would never be enough even after a lifetime.

They would have to separate ultimately.

Xia Qingweis heart started to clench a little when she thought of that.

It felt empty.

Lu Man hadnt even been gone for long yet, but she had already started having all these thoughts.

Xia Qingwei sighed and took her violin out.

The moment the bow touched the strings, she subconsciously played a song.

It was a song that Xia Qingwei frequently played for Lu Man when she was just born.

It had already become Lu Mans lullaby when she was a baby.

The dark, dark sky starts to fall

The twinkling stars follow along

Bugs fly

Bugs fly

Who are you thinking of

The stars in the sky are crying

The roses on the ground are withering

Cold wind blows

Cold wind blows

As long as you are here with me

Bugs fly

Flowers sleep

They are only beautiful in pairs

Not afraid of the dark sky

Only afraid of my heart breaking, whether Im tired or not

And not caring whether its north, south, east, or west

Xia Qingweis eyes were getting a little teary.

Her gaze seemed to have gone further past the wall, getting more and more distant.

This song wasnt just a lullaby she played for Lu Man, it was also the first song he taught her back in the day.

Back then, she was still young.

She didnt understand the meaning behind this song, but she liked the tune and liked the lyrics.

She often played it together with him.

She played the memory out but reeled it in again.

Xia Qingwei sighed and stored away her violin.

If she hadnt met Wang Qianyun today, she probably wouldnt have remembered this song either.


Lu Man was in Han Zhuolis car.

Along the way, she received a call from Zheng Yuan.

“Lu Man, congratulations!” Zheng Yuan sounded extremely excited.

“I saw it on Weibo! Actually, I saw it during the day but I assumed that you were still busy then so I didnt look for you.

You arent busy now, right”

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