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If it were regarding other things, this kind of words would not be acknowledged by anyone.

But this was when Attack Force was the most hyped up, and even though the ticketing sales flopped, with the hard work of all the netizens, they not only made their box office flop, but they had even made it trend every day.

This was already very angering.

By sending Attack Force on trending every day, they managed to make it popular!

Yet even though it was well known, no one went to watch it.

And so, even though Attack Force was trending every day, it was like a corpse that was hung up by people and beaten, making its situation very awkward.

And Wang Qianyun was the producer of Attack Force .

At this moment, with Wang Qianyun having been exposed like this, it was undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire of Attack Force .

After shed been waiting for around an hour, Eight Skin Entertainment sent her a link.

“Ive already drafted it up to send it out, take a look.”

When it came to Eight Skin Entertainments ability to make things popular on the Internet, Lu Man was very at ease.

This was one reason why she liked to work with Eight Skin Entertainment.

At the start, Eight Skin Entertainment was not very good at it, and so Lu Man would draft it up and edit it before he sent it out.

But after working with her just a few times, Eight Skin Entertainment could already learn the tricks and tips and did not need Lu Man to check it anymore.

Lu Man also did not want to find other people, and having to go through the process of editing and drafting it again herself was very troublesome.

Opening Eight Skin Entertainments link, she saw the new Weibo post that Eight Skin Entertainment had posted.

“The producer of your Attack Force is very impressive, very impressive.

Such a superior one should not come to earn our money and dirty your arrogant soul.”

After that, for nine continuous photos, there came comments from Wang Qianyuns Twitter and Facebook.

“Waving around Happy Time , you want to get an Oscar with this kind of film Let me give you a piece of advice, hurry and leave our country, dont embarrass yourself.”

“My classmates from before contacted me, expressing their envy towards my migration, but your envy, your sucking up to me, I cant help you migrate anyway.

Be honest and stay in your poor place, even if you came here, you could not afford it.”

“Im very thankful I left that land a long time ago, seeing my former classmates post photos of their bags and holidays to boast, I find it very low-class.

If you really have money, then leave your backward small city.

You probably havent even left the country before.

I wont say anything else, I have to go to let them see how interesting my world is, they would never be able to touch it.”

“Haha, Im beautiful and brilliant, so what So what if Im looking down on you Even if I go back now, Im not considered to be from your country anymore.”

“Yesterday, when I went to a boutique, I actually met a group of aunties from your country, really low-class, hurry and leave!”

There were even worse comments, causing netizens to explode upon seeing them.

They all reposted it to scold, “If you are so beautiful and so good, then leave, we dont welcome you here!”

“I thought that you were just an idi*t, but in the end, I found out that Im still too young, youre not even an idi*t.”

“So you havent just insulted our movie, this kind of person who kneels and sucks up to people is so disgusting.

Since you look down on us so much, then dont come to earn our money.

Wanting to earn money from us while scolding us, who gave you such confidence”

“Repost, pin it, let everyone see!”

“Haha, Attack Force choosing this kind of person to be your producer, serves you right to flop.”

“Wang Qianyun is a producer of Attack Force .

As a producer of Maxus Company, how could Maxus Company not know about what shes saying How could Attack Force not know No, they know, but they dont care, and they very likely think that way too.”

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