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Chapter 693: Shes Earned Money, So She Has to Be Filial to You

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Lu Qi herself also thought about it a countless number of times.

Lu Mans role was originally hers.

If she hadnt gone against her words and despised that the salary was low but acted in it instead, then the person that the netizens would be discussing so intensely about and whose popularity had blown up would have been her, not Lu Man.

As long as her popularity went up, why did she even worry that the salary was low

“Its all because of you!” Lu Qi blamed Xia Qingyang.

“If you didnt keep telling me that the salary was too low and got me to go against my word and threaten them, then that role would have been mine! Lu Man wouldnt even have had the chance to steal the limelight! All of Lu Mans success and glory right now would have been mine and I would not be getting ridiculed and mocked right now!”

Xia Qingyangs expression looked uncomfortable and unnatural.

This matter really did make her feel quite guilty and sheepish about it.

At the start, shed been too greedy and felt that the salary shouldnt be so low and should be higher.

That cost Lu Qi to lose a chance to make a comeback.

But suddenly, Xia Qingyang started to become self-confident and self-righteous.

She puffed out her chest, lifted her head, and stood in front of Lu Qi.

“How could you blame me Why dont you look at how much salary Lu Man is receiving Hmph, they just made it sound nice.

Whathelping out readily Back then, they praised Lu Man like she was a beautiful flower, saying that she was helpful, saying that she didnt put on airs, saying that she knew how to be grateful.

How much praise they gave her back then was how much they were mocking you.

But in reality Lu Man wanted a contract that had a share of the film box office! Its a lot higher than what you asked for!”

“With this box office of 8.9 billion alone, how much could Lu Man even get Tens of millions is only a small figure, it could even hit hundreds of millions! The three million that you asked for back then is just peanuts compared to that.

And you even blamed me”

“I think that the crew cooperated with Lu Man to take advantage of you! Lu Man snatched your role and even acquired a good reputation of being grateful and helpful.

With Lu Mans salary right now, do you think it was wrong for me to ask for a higher salary for you back then”

Lu Qis expression kept changing; she was conflicted.

She knew that this was purely Xia Qingyang finding an excuse to get herself out of it, and she was just fooling her.

But Xia Qingyang really made it sound too good.

Lu Qi couldnt help but believe it.

Moreover, she did indeed think that if she hadnt been replaced back then and had gotten to act Lu Mans role, she would be very popular right now.

“Qiyuan,” Xia Qingyang said pitifully.

“Qi Qi was cheated by Lu Man.

Qi Qi is such an innocent child, how would she have the wits and schemes to fight against Lu Man”

Even though Lu Qiyuan was very annoyed with Xia Qingyang right now, he did agree with her regarding this.

Xia Qingyang lowered her head and secretly rolled her eyes.

She said, “Qiyuan, Lu Man has become a rich and wealthy lady right now.

She isnt doing worse than any boss of a small company.”

“What are you trying to say” Lu Qiyuan asked coldly.

“Why dont you get Lu Man to fork out the money to let Qi Qi film a show” Xia Qingyang saw that Lu Qiyuan frowned and didnt immediately agree.

Hence, she quickly added, “Even if she doesnt give it to Qi Qi, she could give it to you! Lu Man is your daughter.

Shes earned money, so is it even possible for her to give it to others She should give it to you!”

“Shes earned money, so she has to be filial to you.

Your company is facing some financial difficulties right now, so it would be perfect for you to use Lu Mans money to tide you over now.

As a daughter, since she has the ability, isnt it right for her to help her father out”

Lu Qiyuan heard it and felt that, finally, Xia Qingyang had said something reasonable after all this a while.

“Qiyuan, now that the company is only doing so-so, you dont have much ability to support Qi Qi, I understand that.

But Lu Man can! As long as she gives you the money and you can tide over this financial problem, wouldnt you be able to support Qi Qi too” Xia Qingyang said while hurriedly giving Lu Qi a look.

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