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Chapter 695: Lu Man Found a Rich Boyfriend

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Moreover, with Xia Qingyang whispering by his ear on the bed every day, he felt even more that Lu Qi was amazing and that Lu Man was just a piece of grass.

He had already fulfilled his utmost duty and was being benevolent by not letting her starve.

To Lu Qiyuan, when treating a “trash” like Lu Man, he should save his expenses.

And after Lu Man left, Lu Qiyuan only wanted to focus on nurturing Lu Qi.

Yet Lu Qis career fell into the slumps and hed had to invest a large sum of money on her once again.

However, just at this time, his company faced problems.

His stream of business deals started to take a pause.

Some clients started cancelling their orders, and even some of his old and loyal clients chose not to work with him anymore.

The companys profits had drastically shrunk by half in the short span of six months!

And this was still after Lu Qiyuan worked hard to salvage the situation.

If hed been careless, they might even have lost 70%.

Under such circumstances, no matter how much he loved Lu Qi, he was still unable to invest a large amount on Lu Qi to help her make a comeback.

Therefore, when Xia Qingyang told him of it, Lu Qiyuan eyed Lu Mans money without hesitation and planned to take it.

Moreover, even if he got the money from Lu Man, it still might not be enough to fill the hole in the company.

As for Lu Qi, he still couldnt help her.

Xia Qingyang considered that too and said that she had an idea.

Lu Qiyuan looked at Xia Qingyang excitedly.

Xia Qingyang said, “Actually, you dont even need to spend a single cent.

Look, Lu Man filmed Greedy Wolf Operation and got to know Sun Yiwu.

She filmed Red Tiger and got to know Ji Cheng.

And it seems like she is really quite close to them too.

When there were bad comments about Lu Man on the internet, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng would even personally step up and speak for her.

This means that Lu Man must be able to ask them for help!”

Lu Qiyuan seemed rather intrigued and Xia Qingyang continued on, “As long as we get Lu Man to talk to Sun Yiwu or Ji Cheng, that would be good.

Right now, Lu Mans connections are so amazing.

Not everyone could have such a good relationship with big directors.

Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng right now are the top directors in the country, people would all try to get on their good side.

Even if they arent filming anything, just with their status in the industry alone, they could just have a word with some directors.

Would none of them have any shows for Qi Qi to act in Impossible! And forget about talking to any directors, they could even have a word with production companies!”

Lu Qiyuan nodded in agreement.

This way, not only would Lu Qi have a chance to film something, but he also wouldnt have to spend his own money.

It was perfect.

“And, Dad,” Lu Qi called.

She waited for Lu Qiyuan to look at her, then she bit her lips and said, “Lu Man found a rich boyfriend.”

“Rich” Xia Qingyang scoffed nonchalantly.

“Could they be richer than Zhengbais family”

Lu Qi pursed her lips and said, “I dont know whether they are richer than the He family, but it seems to me that her in-laws seem to have quite the status.

Even our principal was so polite to them, so it does indeed seem like they have high status.

If they didnt, our principal wouldnt have such an attitude.”

He was still the principal of the National Film Academy.

No matter what, he was at least of a Bureau-Director level 1 .

“Youve even met her in-laws before” Lu Qiyuan asked in surprise.

“Previously, her boyfriend drove a Mulsanne to send her to school and some students saw that.

They spread a rumor that she was somebodys mistress, but the seniors of her boyfriends family all went to school in the end to prove that it was Lu Mans boyfriend who sent her and that Lu Man was not someones mistress.

From their tone back then, it seemed like his family was pretty rich,” Lu Qi explained.

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