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Chapter 696: Where Did They Move to

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Xia Qingyang couldnt hold back her bitterness.

“To think that Lu Mans luck is only getting better and better.

She filmed movies and became more popular.

Ever since she entered the entertainment industry, she has had a smooth-sailing career and even found a boyfriend with a pretty good background.”

But the fact that their family background was better than the He familys, Xia Qingyang still couldnt believe.

She just wouldnt believe that that little b*tch Lu Man would be so capable.

He Zhengbai liked Lu Qi, which was very normal.

Lu Qi was so outstanding, why wouldnt he like her

But Lu Man could not compare to Lu Qi in every way.

Her boyfriend probably had an ordinary family background and just had a little bit of money, but not enough to be significant.

“What good family background She is of such a low standard, how amazing could the person who likes her be” Lu Qiyuan couldnt believe it either.

Seeing both of their reactions, Lu Qi didnt speak out about her own strange feeling about this either.

It would be useless anyway.

Lu Qiyuan stood up.

“I will go look for Lu Man now.”

Xia Qingyang rolled her eyes twice and grabbed Lu Qiyuans elbow.

“Why are you going there personally Just make a phone call.

She is younger, how could you be the one who has to go through so much effort to look for her She should come back herself instead.”

Lu Qiyuan was extremely prideful.

He couldnt tell her that Lu Man wouldnt listen to him.

Hence, he took out his phone, searched for Lu Mans contact number, and called her.

As expected, no sound came through his phone at all.

The call didnt even get through.

Lu Man had blocked him already.

Lu Qiyuan pursed his lips.

He called Xia Qingwei and, likewise, the call didnt get through.

Lu Qiyuans fury just got stronger and stronger.

“This damned brat!”

Xia Qingyang saw that Lu Qiyuan was indeed infuriated by Lu Man.

She pretended to advise him.

“Alright, dont be angry, its not the first time that shes doing this.”

Yet that only made Lu Qiyuan even more furious.

It was precisely what Xia Qingyang wanted, to make Lu Qiyuan find Lu Man, fuming at the top of his head.

Lu Man should never dream of ever having a good life!

Lu Qiyuan stormed out of the house, furious and grumpy.

He drove his car and went to where Xia Qingwei used to stay.

“Xia Qingwei!” Lu Qiyuan rudely banged on the door with all his strength.

“What are you doing!” Not long after, someone inside the apartment opened the door.

However, it was a complete stranger who appeared.

It was a man who looked like he was about 40 years old and another unfamiliar woman who stood behind him and looked like she was about the same age as the man.

“The f*ck is wrong with you Are you here looking for trouble” the man said angrily.

His body was at its peak, muscular and strong.

He was much taller and more well-built than Lu Qiyuan.

Right now, he was glaring ferociously at Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Qiyuan frowned.

He looked at the man and woman in the apartment unkindly.

“Who are you Why are you here”

“Who the f*ck are you, then” the man said loudly.

He raised his chin up and pointed at the ground.

“This is my home! You came running here like you were seeking vengeance and banged on my door.

What do you want”

The man turned around and said to his wife, “Call the police!”

“What This is your home” Lu Qiyuan questioned.

“How could this become your home”

“I bought this house legally and rightfully.

How could this not be my home Youre crazy!”

Lu Qiyuan froze for a minute and asked solemnly, “Then what happened to the people who used to live here”

“How would I know Leave now! If not, I will not be polite!”

This time, the neighbor opposite overheard the ruckus and opened the door.

“Why is it you again”

Clearly, Lu Qiyuan was not a stranger to him anymore.

Lu Qiyuan tightly clenched his jaw.

“What happened to that mother and daughter who used to live here”

“Haha,” the neighbor laughed coldly.

“They have already moved out a long time ago.

You should stop harassing them too.

They have already moved out, they are finally free of you.”

“Where did they move to” Lu Qiyuan asked solemnly.

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