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Han Zhuolis birthday passed by just like this, simple, cozy, and peaceful.

But this was the first time hed tasted Lu Mans handmade longevity noodles.

The two of them didnt even move to the dining table.

They just squeezed at the narrow bar table, side by side.

Lu Man smiled sweetly at him.

The decorative light hanging above the bar table was glowing faintly yet warmly, surrounding the two of them in a warm glow.

Lu Man rested her chin cutely on her hand, grinning happily as she watched Han Zhuoli eat his noodles.

Han Zhuoli felt that this birthday was surprisingly even more heartwarming than any other more exciting ones hed had in the past.

Under this faint light, it seemed like there was only him and Lu Man in this tiny world, and time seemed to slow down.

He remembered that Lu Mans birthday was on December 16.

It was soon too.

At night, after they returned to their room, Lu Man was washing up when Han Zhuoli came to pester her.

“Wheres my birthday present”

It didnt seem like he was here for an actual birthday present.

His breath fell onto the side of her neck and her earlobe.

“Are you making yourself the birthday present”

Han Zhuolis hands wrapped around her waist from behind and placed them on her belly.

“I want to open my present.”

“I prepared a birthday present for you!” Lu Man hurriedly stopped him, not letting him move.

While she ran out.

After a while, she ran back, and with her was a box shaped like a rod.

“Birthday present.” Lu Man handed the box over to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli opened it.

It was a fountain pen.

The brand was surprisingly the one that he frequently used.

“You can use it when you work,” Lu Man explained and raised her eyebrows at Han Zhuoli.

“I remembered that when Dai Yiran went to the company for the first time, while you werent there, she snuck into your office and took the fountain pen that you were using then and was even going to kiss it.

If I hadnt gone in in time, she might have actually placed her lips on it.”

Han Zhuoli broke into a smile.

“After I heard about it from you, I threw that pen away.”

“Anyway, that incident reminded me, so I bought you a fountain pen.

You have to carry it with you wherever you go.

As long as you are writing, use this.

Even if there are other women who are as disgusting as Dai Yiran and thinking about kissing your pen, this pen was a gift from me, so its different.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli carefully placed the fountain pen in his briefcase.

“I will carry it with me always, I will bring it along wherever I go.

I will only sign with this.”

Lu Man suddenly looked at Han Zhuoli.

“Ill go to the bathroom for a while.”

Then, she lowered her head and walked away in a rush.

Han Zhuoli was finding it a little strange; he couldnt understand what Lu Man meant with that look.

Whereas Lu Man was carefully taking out a thin-strapped chiffon dress from where she hid it in one of the pockets in her bathrobe.

She had bought that secretly on the internet.

God knows how embarrassed she was when the item arrived.

During that time, she was still in class.

Auntie He had received the delivery at home.

Thankfully, Auntie He usually wouldnt open the box of her own accord.

However, when Lu Man came back, she was so embarrassed that she felt that Auntie He was looking at her differently.

The chiffon material was light and translucent.

It couldnt hide anything, but the slight hidden feeling gave it a mysterious and hidden beauty.

It was exceptionally exciting.

Lu Man urgently tugged the hem of the dress a little.

This was a little more revealing than it looked like in the photograph online.

Lu Man braced herself, put on her pajama robe, and went out again.

“What did you do” Han Zhuoli asked strangely.

Lu Man gave a seductive smile to Han Zhuoli and walked towards him.

She pointed at the belt robe at her waist.

“Youre not going to open your present”

Han Zhuoli sucked in a deep breath.

He got excited and scooped Lu Man into his arms.

Unexpectedly, Lu Man hid away before he could.

She already knew what he was going to do.

Han Zhuoli blinked, his face stunned and confused.

Lu Man couldnt help but laugh.

He was too adorable like that, even washing away her own nerves.

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