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Chapter 720: What Opinions Do You Have of My Fiancee

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Han Zhuoli lightly pressed Lu Mans hand twice.

“If I say it out loud, you might not believe it.

I had just left for a while when I felt that I should come back to find you.

So I came back.”

Lu Man: “…”

She really did not believe it much.

Han Zhuolis gaze turned to He Zhengbai and it became cold instantly.

“What did you say was impossible just now”

“You… you two…” He Zhengbai was stunned, totally unable to accept that truth.

After Lu Man left him, she started to have a better and better life!

Her career was better than his.

Lu Man had already acted in a leading role and formed good relationships with famous directors in the entertainment industry.

Yet he had not even filmed a legitimate movie or drama before.

Lu Mans fiance had so much more power than he did.

Han Zhuoli was already taller than He Zhengbai by half a head, and adding on his strong aura, he gave off the feeling that he looking down from above.

“What opinions do you have of my fiancee” Han Zhuoli asked coldly.

He Zhengbais mouth trembled, not able to utter anything at all.

Han Zhuofeng laughed mockingly and said, “Older Brother, this idi*t says that sister-in-law made you a cuckold.”

Han Zhuolis two eyes were fixed on He Zhengbais body.

He Zhengbais knees felt weak, and he almost kneeled down.

He had maintained his standing position with much difficulty and did not embarrass himself too much.

Han Zhuofeng then said, “He said my sister-in-law is having unclear relations with you, making her boyfriend a cuckold.

I was very curious.

Arent you sister-in-laws boyfriend Making yourself a cuckold This logic, I have to give him full marks for.”

“It seems like Mr.

He has quite a big misunderstanding.” Han Zhuoli looked at He Zhengbai coldly.

“My relationship with Man Man is that of a proper fiance and fiancee.

Does Mr.

He understand”

Such a light sentence, but He Zhengbai could barely keep his back straight anymore.

“Under… understood.”

“I hope that in the future, you will control your eyes and mouth and stay away from my fiancee,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

“I heard that youve been waiting to film a television drama recently”

He Zhengbai suddenly understood.

No matter how dumb he was, he still understood Han Zhuolis threat.

He even knew what hed been doing recently!

Han Zhuoli sneered and then told Lu Man, “You can go to the hall first, I still have some things to chat with He Zhengbai about.”

Lu Man was of course not scared that Han Zhuoli would lose out.

The people here were all on Han Zhuolis side.

She nodded.

“Dont waste too much time because of unrelated people.”

“Unrelated people.” When He Zhengbai heard Lu Mans words from the side, his heart felt sour and painful.

Haha, in Lu Mans heart, he was already an unrelated person.

No wonder Lu Man broke up so cleanly with him, never thinking of getting back together with him.

At this time, when he heard Lu Man say that out loud, it felt like He Zhengbais heart had a section that was empty, yet that section was still being pierced by a needle.

The piercing pain stabbed again and again.

The main thing was that Lu Man could not bear to part with Han Zhuoli.

She was turning her head back to look at him a few times before leaving.

As for He Zhengbai, she did not even look at him at all.

Towards Lu Mans attitude, Han Zhuoli was extremely satisfied, feeling very happy in his heart.

But when he turned to look at He Zhengbai, his face became cold instantly.

He gave a look at Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui, and Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui took one side each, holding He Zhengbai in place.

“What are you guys doing!” He Zhengbai said, shocked and angry.

“Youre already scared” Han Zhuoli sneered unhappily.

At that time, when he and Lu Qi harmed Lu Man, did they think of how scared she was when she was alone and had no one to help her!

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