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“To be direct, the outside world has always felt that the people that the Drama Academy comes up with are actual actors while our Film Academy only produces celebrities.

But Lu Man has proven to them that that is not true.

She helped our school gain reputation, showing that our students also have great acting skills, that towards performance, we are also serious.

We have faith and belief in our hearts.

This runs counter to many commentaries nowadays in which its being said that young artists only pay attention to making money and that they have no acting skills at all, resulting in the abnormal development of the film and television circles.”

“But after Red Tiger , everyones reaction to our school has become full of praise.

In January next year, the application dates for art students will be set.

All the high schools in the country took part in a research, and they were asked about where the students wanted to apply to.

The number of students who put our National Film Academy as their first choice surpassed that of the National Drama Academy for the first time!”

After Teacher Liang said that, even the students were shocked.

It was true that art students could apply to a few schools because it was common that they would not pass the exam for some.

But for many years, in terms of being the first choice, their school had been lagging behind the National Drama Academy by a bit.

Actually, it was not easy to calculate the number of applicants for the two schools.

After all, the application times were not clashing in order to make it convenient for the students applying to participate in a few schools tests.

If they could not pass one of the schools test, they would still have a backup.

So, during that time, the first choice of the students had not been easy to determine.

But there were still quite a few outstanding applicants who passed the tests of all the schools they applied to.

And because of that, it became a matter of them choosing the school instead of the school choosing them.

It was at these times when the true competition between the two schools would begin.

“This was only a survey, and the reveal of the true situation would have to wait until after the applications during Gao Kao 1 ,” Teacher Liang said.

“But based on past experience, the truth doesnt differ much from the survey results.

They also asked for the reason during the survey, and there are really a lot of people aiming to come here because of Lu Man.”

The National Film Academy and the National Drama Academy had a lot of people applying every year and would accept only around a hundred students, and it seemed like they were both not lacking in students.

Even so, there was still a competition between the two schools about which school the students first choice was.

The handful of very talented people, in particular: of course the school wanted them.

“This time, Lu Man has helped our school get very good ratings and reputation.

It cannot be measured in money,” Teacher Liang said.

“Thats her great contribution to our school.”

After Teacher Liang finished speaking, she stopped for a bit, then her gaze swept over all the students in the classroom.

She asked, “Now, do you have any questions”

Everyone stopped speaking.

Lu Qi gritted her teeth.

Teacher Liang smiled.

“If you all can also help to make the school proud, the school will definitely not treat you badly.

This has nothing to do with your background or how much you invested.

Everyone has a chance.”

This was what Principal Liu did very well, drawing a big picture, making the students feel that it was a fair competition and that everyone had a chance.

Not killing off half the people with one hit.

“For instance, the Chinese Arts Championships this time around is a very good chance.

To the students representing the school, work hard to get a good ranking and help the school gain face.”

After Teacher Liang left, the students in the classroom did not know what to say.

The students who had mocked Lu Man before and who said crazy words, in particular, were all secretly looking at Lu Man.

This time, their faces were very swollen.

Fan Xiyue felt very hateful in her heart.

This Lu Man, why was she like a cockroach that could not be killed!

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