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With such a big difference, how could they feel comfortable in their hearts

On this side, Lu Man and her fans did not know that they had caused the other fans to be upset.

Lu Mans videocall to Ji Cheng had managed to go through.

From the screen, Ji Cheng seemed to be at home.

“Lu Man” Ji Cheng said, smiling.

“Your side is quite crowded.

If I didnt remember wrongly, youre participating in the Chinese Arts Championships today, right”

“Yes,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“I have some fans who came to see me, and it so happens that there are a few soldiers from the air force.

When they saw Red Tiger , they were especially touched and wanted me to pass the message to you.

I wanted to see if you have time now.

If you do, can you say some words to them”

When he heard they were soldiers, Ji Cheng instantly sat up, placing a strong emphasis on this.

“Hello, hello!”

Lu Man directly moved the screen, raising the screen so that it was convenient for Cheng He and Liang Xiaoyi to chat with them.

Liang Xiaoyi and the others looked at each other, then hurriedly straightened up and gave a soldiers salute.

“Director Ji, thank you for filming such a good movie that captures the brilliance of us soldiers.

Really, there is friendship, righteousness, sacrifice, we all cried when we watched it.

Thank you so much for filming a movie that represented us.”

Ji Cheng hurriedly saluted a correct salute back.

“I had been in the army before, and filming a movie like Red Tiger had always been my wish.

Im also very thankful for your acknowledgment.

Please help me express my gratitude and respect to your comrades.”

At the other end, Lu Mans classmates had already entered the school, and Teacher Liang could only come over to hurry Lu Man.

“Lu Man, hurry up, we have to go to the meeting place already.”

“Oh, alright,” Lu Man responded.

Liang Xiaoyi said to Lu Man in embarrassment, “Im sorry, we delayed you.”

“Its nothing.

Ill go now, then.”

Liang Xiaoyi and the rest hurried to say goodbye to her, and then said goodbye to Ji Cheng.

Lu Man had yet to hang up, running slightly as she left, and said to Ji Cheng, “Older Brother Ji, youre at home So sorry for bothering your rest.”

“Its not a bother, thank you for calling me! Getting the acknowledgment of soldiers makes me especially happy,” Ji Cheng said.

“If there are such situations in the future, no matter what time it is, feel free to contact me!”

“Alright, you go and do your thing,” Lu Man said, smiling.

“Alright, I havent spent time with my wife and my children in a long time, and I happen to be home today.

When you reach the finals, Ill bring them to help support you!” Ji Cheng clenched his fist and gave a sign of encouragement to Lu Man.

“Youre so confident that I can enter the finals”

“This kind of small competition, if you cant enter the finals, me and Brother Sun will be embarrassed,” Ji Cheng said with a smile.

“Entering the finals, isnt that a must”

“Alright, to let you be able to come to the event location, Ill definitely enter the finals.”

The face of Teacher Liang, who was listening, froze.

She had not interacted with Lu Man much.

Today was the time she had spent the most time together with Lu Man.

And in the end, she was getting stimulated one time after another.

After they got down from the bus, Lu Man had separated from the group.

Teacher Liang thought in her heart that this group was hard to bring around.

Yet that was Lu Man.

She could scold others but she could not scold Lu Man.

Because she had a bit of time, she did not stop Lu Man.

When she managed to call Lu Man back, she noticed that she was chatting with Ji Cheng, and they were very relaxed, like their relationship was very good.

After chatting for a while, the two of them then confidently talked about the finals.

Teacher Liang wiped her face.

Thankfully, only she heard those words.

If other people heard it, they would be talking bad about Lu Man again.

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