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Zhang Guangtao, Li Lingmei, and Liu Lijin all stood up to speak.

Everyone was unhappy that their professionalism was being doubted.

Wang Shuyis sentence seemed to have aggravated everyone.

Wang Shuyi could only hurry to apologize, “Im sorry, I was not doubting everyones professionalism.”

At this moment, Lu Man finally posted on Weibo, “Any kind of unfairness is useless in front of absolute power.”

She posted just this simple sentence, without even a photograph attached.

“Hahahaha, Lu Man showing her strength again!”

“These words are domineering.

Any kind of unfairness is useless in front of absolute power; it would not be able to do anything at all!”

“Hahahaha, we were worried for nothing.

Goddess of Fury Man did not even bother about this.

Oppressing her Purposely lowering her marks Theres nothing to fear, with her ability there.

Even if one person gives low marks, theres no need to worry, other teachers will acknowledge your ability!”

But there were netizens who could not stand Lu Mans kind of confidence.

“Lu Man is still arrogant as usual.”

“Its never wrong to be more humble.

Who knows when you will tumble”

“Haha, how arrogant, does she really think that she is undefeatable”

Lu Man was feeling especially good.

She was probably long used to it and did not care about those mocking words, concentrating to prepare for the competition that was to come.

Dai Yiran finished looking at Lu Mans information online, then threw the phone onto the bed.

She did not want to keep watch on Lu Mans news, but Lu Mans news became more and more numerous, bigger and bigger.

Now, whenever she went online, she would instantly see Lu Mans information.

There was no need to search for it especially at all.

Dai Yiran picked up her phone again.

She no longer had any relations with Lu Man now, but it did not mean that she had forgotten what Lu Man had done before.

If it were not for Lu Man, she would not have been chased out of the Han Corporation.

At least, at this moment, she would still have been in the Han Corporation and could be thinking of ways to get close to Han Zhuoli.

Not like now, where she was unable to even find an excuse to get close to Han Zhuoli.

And because of Lu Man, shed left the company in such a bad way, becoming a joke to everyone.

She did not forget this offense against her.

She had been waiting to take revenge!

Dai Yiran took up her phone and exited the room.

She knocked on the door of her father, Secretary Dai Rongcheng.

“Enter,” Dai Rongcheng said, voice ringing out from the room.

Dai Yiran entered.

Dai Rongcheng was on the phone with someone, and he was reaching the end of the call.

“Alright, I know about that now, just follow what I said.”

“Secretary Dai, if people were to know about this…”

“Whats there to be scared of! Its nothing big, and if it succeeds, youll have a lot of advantages.

If you want to continue on like this, then have someone else come and find me.”

The other party paused.

“Alright, Secretary Dai, dont worry.

Theres no need for anyone else, I can do it,” the other party hurried to say.

After hanging up, Dai Rongcheng saw Dai Yiran and asked, “What happened”

“Dad, do you remember that time when I left the Han Corporation It was because someone had schemed to chase me out,” Dai Yiran said.

“I remember.” Dai Rongcheng recalled it.

His face was dark as he said, “It is someone called Lu Man, right”

This name was a bit familiar.

Dai Rongcheng normally did not bother watching the entertainment news, and he only knew a few celebrities.

It was only if people were on the level of Gao Zishan, who was a famous singer, would Dai Rongcheng be able to remember their names.

Even with the results of Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger, people like Lu Man, whod just entered the entertainment industry, was still a newcomer, and Dai Rongcheng could not remember her.

“Thats her.” Dai Yirans face was full of hatred when she mentioned Lu Man.

“If it were not for her, I would not have been chased out of the Han Corporation.

Now shes doing well, getting by better and better.”

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