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“Kind of.

This is something between her and my daughter.

Although its between children, and Im making a mountain out of a molehill by meddling, I only have this one daughter.

She was bullied by Lu Man, and I as her father have to help her.”

“Alright, I know, dont worry,” the principal of the Donghua Academy of Drama said.

After all, Dai Rongchengs identity was like that.

No one was willing to offend Dai Rongcheng because of matters like fairness.

Wasnt it just eliminating Lu Man

Anyway, he did not really like Lu Man.

After Dai Rongcheng hung up, the principal of the Donghua Academy of Drama contacted Sun Changfang, and Sun Changfang very happily agreed.

Dai Rongcheng then contacted the principal of Donghua Film Academy and Li Lingmei.

Li Lingmei did not care how Li Lingmei did and actually did not like Lu Man that much.

It was just that during the judging, she did not go to the extent of Sun Changfang.

Because of that, she also agreed happily.

As to the National Drama Academy, although Principal Zhang knew about Lu Man and Han Zhuolis relationship, now that Lu Man was attending the National Film Academy, all the good things were being brought to the National Film Academy.

No matter what he did, Han Zhuoli would not reinvest in the National Drama Academy.

Because of the original love being present, there could grow hate, and this was how Principal Zhang was like too.

Lu Man was now standing on the opposing side of his school, and the one who was most likely to get first was really Lu Man.

Principal Liu did not wish for this honor to go to the National Film Academy, and so, after weighing it a bit, he called Liu Lijin.

Whether Liu Lijin was willing or not, she could only agree.

As for Zhang Guangtao, as a teacher of the National Film Academy, Dai Rongcheng did not go find him.

Of the six judges, he had already contacted three; that was enough.

This meant that Lu Man would need to take only three peoples marks to compete with the others six-people marks.

Lu Man could not win at all.

“Alright, Ive already warned people, so dont worry now.

Lu Man definitely cant win.”

Dai Yiran left happily.


Lu Mans mood was quite good.

On the other hand, Ni Xue and the others who had yet to compete were under a lot of stress.

And in the end, because of the pressure, when they went to act, they either acted too fiercely or, because of their nerves, they did not perform ideally.

Their acting was even below their normal standards.

Although the National Film Academy students had all succeeded in passing, this was just the preliminaries, and being able to pass it was expected, especially given how their opponents were from universities with weak performing arts programs.

Their expectation was not just passing but having much higher results than the basic pass.

Not just winning, they needed to win beautifully!

And in the end, they were all provoked by Lu Man until they had this kind of bad showing.

After the preliminaries, Principal Liu helplessly gathered them to give them a talk.

“You all did not do well this time, did not reach the standard of the schools internal competition.” Principal Liu looked at them one by one.

“The reason for that, you guys all know very well.”

Dong Jingxi and the rest lowered their faces.

But this time, Principal Liu did not give them face.

“You saw Lu Mans results and wanted to compete with her,” Principal Liu said.

Lu Mans expression did not change.

She was steadily sitting there like it had nothing to do with her.

Principal Liu sweated a bit internally.

Lu Man was brilliant.

Her acting skills were good, and it was expected that she would cause stress for the people in the same generation as her.

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