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Chapter 750: Sun Changfang, Are You Joking with Me

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Huang Yilun smiled and said, “Im really anticipating getting the chance in the future to act together with Lu Man.”

Huang Yiluns opinion of Lu Man could be said to be very high.

“Thank you, Teacher Huang,” Lu Man said, smiling.

The emcee also thanked him and invited Huang Yilun off the stage.

“Teacher Huang Yiluns comments on Lu Man is really quite high,” the emcee said with a smile.

“Teacher He Shuxin, what are your thoughts on Lu Mans performance”


Other thangreat, I cant even say anything else.” He Shuxin was a bit excited.

“From Lu Man, I can see that theres hope for the new actors again.

To tell you the truth, when I heard what role Lu Man was acting, I did not have much confidence in her.

Shes a young girl, so could she act this role of Empress Wu, the first female emperor, well The Empress Wu was also well in her old age, and its especially hard to dissect her character.”

“When she was middle-aged, Empress Wus edge had yet to be dulled, and she decisively cut down people, focusing on showing her decisiveness and fierceness.

But in old age, it became much more complicated.

Any emperor will become extremely complex when he gets old.

In just 20 minutes, Lu Man showed how she was full of the complexity that came with old age.

The scene took place on the eve of the political revolution, and it had a very depressing atmosphere.

When I looked at it, my scalp went numb and I was completely brought into the scene.

Very good.”

“Teacher Zhang Guangtao” the emcee called.

Zhang Guangtao smiled and nodded.

“My scalp burst open when I uttered the first sentence from the long road.

Although she hasnt shown her face yet, she used her voice to set the tone of the whole performance and to suppress the rhythm and atmosphere.

Teacher Huang Yiluns acting skills have always been clear to all of us.

It is no longer possible for ordinary actors to equal him.

I am proud of Lu Man.”

“Teacher Sun Changfang doesnt seem to agree” the emcee said.

“This emcee really doesnt feel like things are bad enough.

This is not some television show.

It wont be played on any media platform.

It doesnt need more streams, so why is she making trouble” someone in the audience said in a low voice.

As expected, Sun Changfang smiled and said, “Teacher He and Teacher Zhang are doing this to encourage the student, and they have put a lot of effort in it too.

But from my point of view, Lu Mans performance is far from what they said.

Lu Mans performance was a bit pretentious and too purposeful.

Anyway, I was not brought into her atmosphere.”

He Shuxin and Zhang Guangtaos expression looked bad.

But their expression was not as bad as Han Zhuolis.

Han Zhuolis face had already become cold as he mildly looked at the principal of Donghua Academy of Drama.

“Does he have something wrong with him Is this Sun Changfang not done nitpicking I dont see where Lu Man was acting pretentiously.

If he feels that its pretentious somewhere, then he should state it out!”

“Does this Sun Changfang have a problem! How did Lu Man offend him Why is it that he cannot stand Lu Man doing well”

The emcee laughed dryly and did not ask Sun Changfang anything more.

The emcee hurried to ask Li Lingmei, “Teacher Li, what do you feel”

“Its alright.

Lu Mans performance has a lot of room for improvement,” Li Lingmei said simply.

The emcee did not dare to ask anything more.

Regretting why she asked so much, she could only hurry them to give their marks.

“Then after this, lets have Teacher Sun Changfang show his marks first,” the emcee hurried to say.

Sun Changfang showed his marks: 7.2.

After that score came out, the whole audience exploded.

“7.2 Sun Changfang, are you joking with me Lu Man acted so well and you gave 7.2”

“Looks like Teacher Sun is being strict as usual,” the emcee said awkwardly.

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