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Chapter 759: Also Someone with Experience

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“Theyre either going to change out those three or all six of us.

Anyway, they wont let those three stay.

Lets wait and watch,” Manager Hao said.

“Fine, Ill believe you.” Zhang Guangtao nodded.

He thought in his heart, Manager Hao has already bet his career and future on this.

What more is there to doubt

They were speaking in low voices here, and Sun Changfang and the other two did not hear them.

Seeing their secretive looks, with Zhang Guangtao and He Shuxin frowning once in a while and showing a face that was stern, they thought that Zhang Guangtao and the other two were becoming nervous.

Sun Changfang sneered and drank a mouth of tea before turning to speak to Liu Lijin.

“Look at how nervous those three are.

What were they doing earlier”

Liu Lijin smiled.

The three of them had already met yesterday to talk about giving out marks.

They had all been greeted by Dai Rongcheng already.

Lu Man walked from the backstage and paused behind the scenes.

She saw that Sun Changfang and the other two were discussing things with their heads lowered.

Her gaze turned around, and she returned to the backstage.

After switching on a voice-recorder pen, she passed it to the worker who was planning on adding tea water for Sun Changfang and the rest.

“May I trouble you to throw this voice-recorder pen at Sun Changfangs feet when you go and pour water”

The good thing was that when she picked her script yesterday, in order to find out if she recited the script well and which parts of her lines were not suitable, she had been using a recording pen to repeatedly record herself.

It had already become a habit, and today, she had brought it with her and was practicing on the road and improving.

And in the end, it just happened to be useful now.

The worker did not dare to take that responsibility and was about to reject her when she felt the money pressed under the recording device.

She did not count them properly, but roughly estimating, she thought there were four to five pieces.

The worker slipped the money into her sleeve secretively and took the recorder from Lu Man.

She hid the recorder in her other sleeve and said, “I just accidentally dropped it there.”

“Of course.” Lu Man smiled.

The worker smiled, took up the water container, and walked over.

Lu Man saw the worker stop in front of Sun Changfangs table and quickly let the recorder fall from her sleeve, quietly landing at Sun Changfangs feet.

After pouring tea for them, she instantly walked back.

Sun Changfang did not notice that at all, only that there was a worker around just now and it had not been convenient for him to speak.

He was careful and waited til the worker had left before saying, “Lu Man would be eliminated no matter what today.

Lets discuss how we should give marks to the following four people.”

“How should we give marks Based on the order, youll be the first one to give marks, and after we are done giving marks, it will be Zhang Guangtaos turn.

If we give them high marks, Zhang Guangtao and the rest could purposely reduce their marks to let Lu Man win.

What do we do then” Li Lingmei said.

“They wont.

Zhang Guangtao and He Shuxin have always said that they do everything for their students.

Those two care most about their reputation and wont purposely lower the marks,” Sun Changfang said, his voice lowered.

“Ha, those two people, they wont let students get eliminated because of them.

Its easy to tell from seeing the marks they gave Lu Man.”

“Anyway, doesnt the Han Corporation want to change the judges They wont switch us out,” Sun Changfang said confidently.

“Although we dont give very high marks, its not so low that its unreasonable.

The good thing is that those marks can be argued over and discussed, unlike the full marks given by Zhang Guangtao and the other two.

Which judge would give full marks Theyre not making the playing field equal by giving marks like that.

So, if the organizers want to change judges, theyll change them out.

It has nothing to do with us.”

“What Teacher Sun said has logic.

We give marks that are reasonable.

Even if they want to find problems with it, they cant.” Liu Lijin smiled.

“After all, we three are people with experience.”

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