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Chapter 767: Looking at Her, I Dont Think She Can Get into the Top Five

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There were even people who felt that the drama was not big enough and pitted Ni Xue and Lu Mans performance against each other.

Because the two of them played the same character from the same drama, it was very easy to place them side by side and compare them.

Now that the video had been made, Ni Xue was very obviously being totally trampled.

“Sun Changfang and the other two are blind, right How could they give Lu Man lower marks than Ni Xue Its good that those three got fired!

Sun Changfang, Liu Lijin, and Li Lingmei had horrible reputations now.

The Han Corporation was asking them to take responsibility, but these three people had some brains and insisted that they wanted to get better results for their own school.

They did not bring up Dai Rongcheng.

What was the use of bringing him up

Dai Rongcheng did not bribe them.

He just greeted them, and to curry favor with Dai Rongcheng, they did not hesitate and agreed to what he wanted.

Now that they had already offended the Han Corporation, offending Dai Rongcheng as well was obviously a dumb move.

And so, they took all the responsibility.

But in the end, they did not commit a crime and did not break the law.

They just went against the spirit of competition.

It was just that Sun Changfang and the other two did not seem to have made any losses.

In the short term, they did not notice any problems.

This caused Sun Changfang and the other two to relax as well, feeling like this issue was nothing big.

That day, the three of them made an appointment to drink tea together.

The smell of tea indoors was strong, and Sun Changfang wanted to show his tea-making skills.

“Haha, the three of us can relax now.

The situation has reached this point yet we did not involve Secretary Dai.

Like this, Secretary Dai can help us too,” Sun Changfang said as he smiled.

“We know that too.

Thats why we did not expose Secretary Dai,” Liu Lijin said.

“Even our principal wanted to do that.

Anyway, we did not break the law or commit any crimes.

The Han Corporation cannot call the police on us and investigate us, right What can they do to us Thereve just been some short-term effects on our jobs.”

Li Lingmei smiled and sneered, “What kind of effect are we even experiencing I dont feel any effect.

The netizens online just berated us for a few days then stopped.

We continued working.

Nothing has been affected.”


Teacher Suns new stage play is about to start showing, right” Liu Lijin said with a smile.

“At that time, well all go and support you.”

Because of this, the three of them became closer.

“Hahaha, Ill directly give you a few tickets that you can give to other people.

Just give them to whoever you want to,” Sun Changfang said, also smiling.

“Haha, that Lu Man, she looks like she won this time, but shes too good at making trouble.

No matter where it is, people do not like this kind of troublemaking and disobedient person.

She probably wont make it far.

Shell be stopped upon reaching the top ten,” Li Lingmei said, smiling coldly.


That Lu Man is not easy to control.

If she really gets into the top five and enters The Performer, should trouble arise that affects the show negatively, what are they going to do In this competition alone, because the results were not good and she was not satisfied, she brought in the audience and the netizens to make trouble.

This caused the organizers to not be able to do anything but solve it, and it also almost caused a very negative effect on the Chinese Arts Championships.

This kind of person that makes trouble wherever she goes, the kind that cannot be controlled, if she is allowed to enter The Performer, should the time when she is not satisfied with the judges grading and makes trouble again, Xing Ke Station would not look good.

Xing Ke Station is not dumb.

They wont want this kind of person.

Looking at her, I dont think she can get into the top five,” Liu Lijin mocked.

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