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Chapter 771: Guest Actor

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Pan Xues head was shaking even harder than Han Leileis.

“Its even more impossible for me.

Zheng Yuan and Han Leilei dont dare to, and my ability is definitely worse.

This is a vital point in the competition.

Lu Man, please be more careful.”

Hu Zhonghui used her straw to stir the pearls at the bottom of the milk tea.

“I went to find out some things.

Donghua Academy of Drama, Donghua Film Academy, and the National Media University, these three schools have only one student in the finals, right The student from the National Media University does not have any fanbase and has not entered the entertainment industry yet.

Hence, that student has no friends in the entertainment industry either and could only find an actor with decent skills through school teachers.

But the actor would definitely not be someone very famous.”

“The two students from Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy are slightly better than the one from the National Media Academy.

Before this, they managed to scheme and become popular on the Internet.

One is a young and good-looking newcomer, and the other managed to make herself out to be the prettiest girl in school.

Although they have yet to officially enter the entertainment industry, their fanbase is bigger than that of the National Media Academys student.”

“As to the National Drama Academy and your National Film Academy, this competition is more intense.

The people whove managed to get into the finals are already popular actors in the entertainment industry.

Ni Xue, Li Zeyu, Chen Cong, Yu Lexin, Yang Ruitian, Chang Yachen, all of them have statuses in the entertainment industry, with their own good friends and connections.

The actors they find wont be actors who are not famous.”

Hu Zhonghui took a mouthful of milk tea and leaned towards the middle of the table.

That mysterious look made Zheng Yuan and the others unconsciously squeeze towards the middle.

“I went around and found out that Ni Xues manager went around contacting people to be Ni Xues guest actor, and now shes already confirmed one.

Its Qiao Luna,” Hu Zhonghui said in a low voice.

Lu Man had yet to react when Zheng Yuan and the other two made a noise of shock, so surprised that they almost jumped up.

“What Qiao Luna” Ni Xue said in shock.

“The heck, this is a school competition.

Isnt Ni Xue going too far”

“Although Qiao Luna is not considered an A-lister, shes a B-lister who is ranked highly, and she has recently had a lot of publicity,” Han Leilei said.

“Yes.” Hu Zhonghui explained, “Recently, Qiao Lunas contract with the Han Corporation has just ended, and the competition in the Han Corporation is too strong.

Qiao Luna felt that shes popular now, yet the Han Corporation cant give her the treatment she wants and she did not continue to sign a contract with the Han Corporation.

She went over to the company Zhong Hang, and it just happens that Zhong Hang needs a popular young female actress.

And so, they are cultivating Ni Xue now and want Qiao Lunas popularity to help Ni Xue a bit.”

Zheng Yuan laughed.

“What is Qiao Luna not satisfied with So many people want to sign a contract with the Han Corporation but cant enter.

If it were not for the Han Corporations training, how could she be where she is now Back then, because the Han Corporation wanted to promote her, they gave her so many resources.

If it were other companies, they could not have given those resources to her at all.

Now that shes popular, shes starting to be unsatisfied Why doesnt she think that if it were not for the Han Corporation, she would not have become as popular as she is now”

“Thats the problem with the different angles and thoughts that different people have,” Lu Man explained.

“The main reason is that Qiao Luna became popular too fast.

The Han Corporation gave her resources that were too good at the start, causing her to feel that she deserved it.

Suddenly becoming popular, she cant clearly comprehend her position and felt that it was expected that she gets even better treatment.

But she did not think that the Han Corporation has a famous female singer that is exceeding the A-list, as well as a lot of A-list celebrities.

Why would she have better resources than they do No company would keep being biased in its distribution of resources.

After theyve helped her become popular, the rest depended on herself.

Yet Qiao Luna was not satisfied and so did not sign the contract with the Han Corporation again.”

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