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“But lets talk about Zhong Hang for a bit.

Qiao Luna can also be considered as someone of great seniority and power, and the emphasis Zhong Hang puts on her is definitely more than the Han Corporation had,” Hu Zhonghui explained.

“Although the resources that Zhong Hang can provide her with is not as good as the Han Corporations, the money she earns might not be less than when shes with the latter.

Yes, her resources are just average, but with the increase of her appearance on media platforms, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

With the Han Corporation, if you can hold on, you can advance to the international level.

But few people can strive on like that.

There are only a few at the top.

If you want to be trained and given great resources by the Han Corporation, you must first climb up to that position.

So, Qiao Lunas choice can be understood.”

“But talking logically, Qiao Lunas popularity is a lot greater than Ni Xues.

Even if they were with the same company, how could Qiao Luna be willing to be a side actor for Ni Xue” Zheng Yuan did not understand.

“Qiao Luna has just moved over to Zhong Hang.

Shes considered an outsider while Ni Xue is an actual daughter that Zhong Hang has been training and developing.

If Qiao Luna wanted the resources of Zhong Hang to lean towards her, then she needs to show her sincerity,” Lu Man explained to them.

“Zhong Hang just happens to want to use the popularity of Ni Xue and Qiao Luna, tying them together and making them pull each other up a bit.

Its already been confirmed that Qiao Luna is going to participate in The Performer.

That in itself is something that is very attention-grabbing, and that way, Qiao Lunas fans and the viewers who are interested in The Performer would go to take notice of Ni Xue and Qiao Lunas performance.”

“As soon as Ni Xue successfully advances and enters The Performer, at that time, she would become competitors with Qiao Luna.

Itll be very news-worthy.

Its very easy to draw attention and amass popularity, helping them become more well-known.” Regarding Zhong Hangs plans, while others might only understand a little bit of it, they could not be hidden from Lu Man.

Lu Man had revealed Zhong Hangs intentions and broke it down for the others to hear.

At that moment, if the higher-ups of Zhong Hang or people who know the insider information had been there, they would have been shocked.

What Lu Man had said gave the impression she was there at that time and had heard their business discussion!

“Aiya!” Hu Zhonghui hit the table.

“Is now the time to be discussing the goals of Zhong Hang Im already so troubled.

Although Qiao Luna can only be considered as an upper B-lister, her popularity is actually not low.

Ni Xue already went to find her to be her guest actor, how could you not be anxious at all You should go and find one too!”

Hu Zhonghui blamed herself and said, “This is where Im weak at.

I became a manager not long ago and have very shallow connections in the industry.

I dont know many people and cant help much.

The guest actors Ni Xue is looking for are all on the same level as Qiao Luna, and the other peoples guests would definitely not be lacking.

I even helped you find out how those few at the National Drama Academy found not only guest actors but also directors.

They didnt find the top-notch directors, but the ones they did have filmed many dramas.

Chang Yachen had even found the director of a recent popular drama, Tang Gong Ji, Chen Zilong.”

“Theres a very big difference having a director and not having a director,” Hu Zhonghui said.

“Directors can help you get a grasp of the whole scene and its details.”

Pan Xue became extremely worried.


Then, Lu Man, why are you still looking here for us Hurry and find your guest actors!”

Pan Xues voice was a bit loud, and instantly, there were quite a few people who looked over.

“There are too many people here.

Lets not stay in the canteen anymore.

Lets go somewhere with fewer people,” Han Leilei suggested.

“Alright, lets go to the cafe.

There are fewer people there,” Zheng Yuan said.

They stood up and went out.

They were walking towards the cafe when they met Ni Xue.

Zhang Xiaoying and Dong Jingxi were following behind Ni Xue.

They did not know why Ni Xue came to school today.

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