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Dong Jingxis whole face became stiff, like a face that had had a failed plastic surgery.

Lu Mans face looked innocent as she smiled.

“Then, Senior Dong doesnt need to worry anymore.

Youve already been eliminated.”

Dong Jingxi: “…”

Everybody: “…”

Lu Mans knife was really stabbing extremely mercilessly!

Ni Xues expression was one that showed she was confident that she would definitely win against Lu Man.

“Im going to see the director already.

Ill let Director Guo properly arrange my performance.

Lu Man you also should properly prepare.”

After saying that, Ni Xue walked off, and Zhang Xiaoying and Dong Jingxi hurried to follow behind.

“I did not think that Guo Haolun would really agree to her request,” said Ni Xue in surprise after waiting for Hu Zhonghui and the other two to leave.

“Guo Haolun” Zheng Yuan was shocked.

“The Guo Haolun who filmed quite a lot of popular web dramas and made multiple main leads famous”

“Thats him.” Hu Zhonghui nodded.

These last few years, there were not a lot of people who could make web dramas popular.

Being able to make web dramas popular while also being able to make his main leads famous, and then directly being able to film movies, that kind of director was even harder to find.

“I heard that Ni Xue wanted to ask Guo Haolun to help her arrange her performance before, but theres no result yet so I did not say anything,” Hu Zhonghui said.

“It looks like Ni Xue really wants the win this time.”

“Whats there to be scared of” Zheng Yuan suggested, “Lu Man, go and ask Young Master Han.

If he opens his mouth, you can get practically anyone to be your guest actor, right With the director and guest actors you could have, you can totally win against them instantly.”

Seeing that Lu Man did not speak, Hu Zhonghui said in shock, “It cant be that you didnt go and ask Young Master Han for help, right”

“I feel that for this kind of small thing, theres no need to bother so many people.” Lu Man shook her head.

“When we are competing, we are comparing our own acting skills, not who can find the most popular person.

If its voting by the audience, then finding an assistant in acting who is very popular can help to attract a lot of fan votes.

But this time, the competitions grading is done by the judges.

Its Teacher Ma Xianghuan, Teacher Lian Fang, Teacher Huang Yilun, as well as Teacher He Shuxin and Teacher Zhang Guangtao who are grading our acting skills, and they will not be looking at who can invite the most celebrities and who can invite the best actors.

The most important thing is how good your acting skills are.”

“Thats right!” a voice rang out.

The small group turned around in shock.

They did not think that it would be Mr.

Ma Xianghuan whod come!

Next to him were Principal Liu and Vice Principal Wang, and behind him were many leaders of the school.

Among the group, there was also Ni Xue and the other two.

It was quite coincidental for them.

They had originally wanted to leave, but in the end, they saw that Principal Liu was accompanying Teacher Ma Xianghuan out of the building, like he wanted to bring him to look at the school compound.

Ni Xue and the other two hurried to take the chance to greet him.

Ma Xianghuan had some impression of her, remembering that this was a student from the competition, and allowed her to follow.

They did not think that as they were walking, they would meet Lu Man.

Ma Xianghuan had only a faint impression of Ni Xue, but towards Lu Man, he had a deep impression.

Walking over, he happened to hear Lu Mans words and kept nodding.

The top 10 students who had advanced had all gone to contact the celebrities in the entertainment industry that they had some relations with, and the judges had all heard about it.

Just yesterday, Ma Xianghuan had been chatting with Lian Fang about this and had exclaimed, “If they competed like that, then the original meaning for the competition is lost!”

“Principal, Teacher Ma,” Lu Man and the rest instantly called.

Ni Xue and the other two were in the group, and their expressions were very bad.

Only Lu Man knew how to make herself look good, speaking until she seemed so noble.

Even Ma Xianghuan admired her after listening to her.

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