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She did not believe that Lu Man really thought that way.

She just could not find good guest actors, that was why she said such sour words.

Ma Xianghuan walked over.

“Yesterday, I was just discussing this with Lian Fang.

Variety shows need high viewership ratings, and wanting more popular actors can be understood.

But the Chinese Arts Championships is a professional competition among schools.

What we are trying to train is the students acting skills.

There is no need to do the same kinds of things as variety shows, and its only right to return the competition to the performance itself.

Dont let the students lose sight of the original reason the Chinese Arts Championships is being held and leave behind the essence of acting.”

“I cant expect students from the current generation to be the same as us from the old generation, but I hope that there would still be people whod maintain their love for acting in this superficial generation.”

Ma Xianghuan was not targeting Ni Xue but the overall situation in the present.

But Ni Xue still felt that her face was burning up.

Hearing Ma Xianghuans words, Zheng Yuan and the rest were moved.

“Your words, Ill remember them.

I dont know how Ill advance in the future, but Ill definitely always keep your words in my heart.

I will do my best to return to the essence of acting and not forget my original reason for acting,” Lu Man said seriously.

“Good, good, good!” Ma Xianghuan said as he smiled.

“Although during the second round, I did not manage to see your live performance, later on, I had Xiao Huang get me the video of it and I watched it many times.

I can see your sincerity towards acting.

Your performance in the finals, I anticipate it a lot.”

Principal Liu saw that the two of them were chatting very amicably and asked Lu Man, “Are you all here for something”

They looked at each other then said, “Nothing much.”

“Then lets take a walk around.

Teacher Ma hasnt come here for over ten years, he doesnt know that our school has changed a lot,” Principal Liu walked and explained.

“Teacher Ma is here this time to check on our school.”

It turned out that this time, Ma Xianghuan had emerged from his reclusive lifestyle to be a judge for the Chinese Arts Championships.

The National Drama Academy and the National Film Academy were both moved, wanting to invite Ma Xianghuan to be a teacher of their school.

Ma Xianghuan saw the performance of this generation of children and the new generation of actors with their varying levels of performance.

He really felt the temptation to come back out and teach.

And thus, he came to take a look at the National Film Academy.

He was planning on looking at both schools.

It was just that the National Film Academy had Lu Man, and so, Ma Xianghuan was more interested in the National Film Academy.

After seeing Ma Xianghuan off, Lu Man directly went to find Teacher Fang, who was giving lessons in the Performing Masters Studies.

“You want me to be your guest actor” Teacher Fang was surprised at this unexpected development.

After all, other contestants were looking for celebrities for help.

Despite how Lu Man had the ability to do so as well, she came to find him.

That was really quite surprising.

“I want the competition to be returned to pure performance,” Lu Man explained.

Teacher Fang could not hide his excitement and stood up.

“I heard about your words with Teacher Ma Xianghuan today.

But I did not think that you would come and find me.”

Teacher Fang paced a bit around his original spot, his gaze bright.

“Itll be my honor.”

“What script did you draw” Teacher Fang then asked.

Lu Man was prepared beforehand and passed the script to Teacher Fang.

When Teacher Fang saw the script, he knew why Lu Man came to find him.

The script that Lu Man drew was the scene in The Last Emperor between Wan Rong and Pu Yi.

During lesson time, Teacher Fang had once especially brought up The Last Emperor actors so that they could talk about their roles, and they had analyzed these roles on the spot and performed them.

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