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Chapter 776: Youre the Big Boss, So Well Just Follow What You Say

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“Alright.” Teacher Fang nodded.

“Actually, Ive always had a wish.

I wanted to be able to perform Pu Yis role once.

I did not think that I would manage to fulfill my dream this time.”

She sought out Teacher Fang also because Teacher Fangs performance leaned more towards the traditional arts, making it very suited for the requirements of this script.

“How about this Lets go and find Teacher Wan from the directing major.” Teacher Fang wanted to do things the instant he thought about it, and he directly led Lu Man out of the office, telling her on the way, “Its better to find a directing teacher to help to arrange the show.

The difference in ones own unique points, the differences between stage performances and movies, and the need to rearrange the script a bit, well need a directing teacher to help with them all.”

“Teacher Wan is very low-key, and very few people in the school know that Teacher Wan had directed quite a lot of good shows.

It is just that they are all for small audiences and are not as attractive to the audiences of the big commercial films.

At the same time, hes also a director in the Sesame Theater.

The Chinese Arts Championships performance style is closer to that of stage plays, so for this, its the most suitable to find Teacher Wan.”

Lu Man was very thankful that she had come to find Teacher Fang.

Otherwise, she would not have been able to think of such details.

Teacher Fang brought Lu Man to Teacher Wans office.

Teacher Wan hesitated upon hearing why they were there.

“Thats not very good, right We have a total of three students from our school whove advanced to the finals.

As teachers, its no good for us to be biased and help a single person.”

“Stop it, the other two already went to find celebrities for help, they have no need for us at all,” Teacher Fang said.

“If they need our help and they come to find us, we would definitely not reject them.

But they did not come to find us, Lu Man did.

Could it be that you do not want to help Lu Man What is fair, what is biased If you dont help Lu Man because the others didnt seek you out, thats called being biased.”

“If the three people all came to find us for help but we only helped one of them, that is being biased.

But right now, its obvious that they do not need us, and our other student Lu Man needs our help as her teachers.

If we dont help her, can we still be considered teachers” Teacher Fang did not want to let Teacher Wan reject the invitation.

“Anyway, I dont care, Ive already brought Lu Man over, you must help her.”

“Hey, youre being unreasonable,” Teacher Wan said helplessly.

“Youre the unreasonable one! Not wanting to help your student, arent you embarrassed” Teacher Fang directly started to become worked up.

“I didnt say I wont be helping! Look at your short temper.” Teacher Wan shook his head.

“I just said a couple of sentences more.

Ill help, Ill help, Ill help you!”

“If you were also direct just now, wouldnt it have been easier You just had to make me anxious and worried.” Teacher Fang even started to grumble at him.

Teacher Wan was really scared of Teacher Fangs temper and hurriedly pleaded for mercy from him.

“Its my fault, its my fault, please be magnanimous, forgive me this once.”

“Alright,” Teacher Fang said.

“As for a practice room, Ill provide one.

You dont have lessons later, right If you dont have lessons, lets start to arrange matters first.”


Youre the big boss, so well just follow what you say.” Teacher Wan was helpless.

This Teacher Fang, how was he asking people for help He was practically being bossy!

The three of them went into the practice room and started to look through the script.

Teacher Wan said, “Lu Man, you only came to find Teacher Fang”


Even though at the start of the show, there are a lot of people, those with actual lines in the script are only Pu Yi and Wan Rong.

There are too many people at the banquet, Im scared that itll be hard to arrange,” Lu Man explained.

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