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Coming out of the principals office, Ni Xue really could not think of any other method.

She went to ask Li Zeyu again, and Li Zeyu was in the same situation.

In the end, there was no other way.

Li Zeyu discussed it with his management company and decided to seek out someone who was not very popular.

And although it was just for a supporting role, they still found an actor with good acting skills.

They did not have tight schedules to adjust like the currently popular celebrities, and they could properly practice with them.

At the same time, they would not drag him down and could help to increase the quality of the whole performance because of their good acting skills.

Li Zeyu also thought about it carefully.

Setting aside Ma Xianghuan and the other judges impression of him, if he followed the original plan and asked his celebrity friends for help, firstly, those currently popular celebrities had tight schedules.

It would not be easy to schedule practices with them, and they also would not have much time for it.

Hence, it would have been hard for them all to practice until the performance was satisfying.

He was currently quite popular, and it did not matter to him whether he won or lost, but it was important for his reputation.

Because he was a currently popular young actor, if he could not even win a competition and his acting skills were doubted, he would be ashamed.

Ni Xue was helpless and could only take cues from Li Zeyu.

The two finally stopped messing around and started to properly practice.


The day of the finals finally arrived.

Lu Man sat on Han Zhuolis car and reached the entrance of the National Drama Academy.

“I need to go backstage.

Lets meet later,” Lu Man told the Han Family seniors and Xia Qingwei.

“Go on, go and prepare properly, dont be nervous,” Xia Qingwei told Lu Man as she smiled.

“Dont worry about the results, relax and come back.”

“Right, right.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded in agreement.

“Its already good that youre in the top ten.

At this current stage, a lot will depend on luck.

To see how you perform on stage, to see if there are any sudden happenings, there are too many unconfirmed things.

You must therefore definitely just relax.”

“Grandma, what would you do if she became even more nervous because of what youve said” Han Zhuofeng said helplessly.

Originally, if her mindset was quite good and she was told not to be nervous by people, she would have become even more nervous.

Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “Dont worry, Man Mans mindset is good.”

The Old Mrs.

Han was also scared that the more she spoke, the more nervous Lu Man would become.

Hence, she did not dare to say anything more.

“I need to go and prepare backstage, Im afraid I cant spend time with you all,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“Theres no problem.

Were going to watch the whole thing today, and well wait for you and leave with you when it ends,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

After Lu Man got down from the car, Han Zhuoli also got down.

Lu Man looked at him in confusion, and Han Zhuoli said, “Ill send you there.”

Lu Man took advantage of when no one was paying attention and secretly scratched the palm of his hand.

Han Zhuolis heart became itchy at how she was scratching him.

His two black eyes darkened.

Han Zhuoli had told her before that they would not go public with their relationship during the competition, and he had also stated the reason.

Lu Man remembered, but now, why was it that this man wanted to walk with her again

“Mischievous.” Han Zhuoli held her hand, not letting her play around with his palm.

“Im sending you backstage.”

Lu Man smiled, nodded, and did not reject it.

Anyway, he was there.

If he felt that there was no problem, she was fine with it too.

The two of them walked across the school compound towards the theater.

Han Zhuoli secretly looked at Lu Man.

This girl seemed to have forgotten that today was her birthday.

This girl, before this, she had remembered his birthday so clearly.

When it came to her own, she could not remember.

Han Zhuoli thought about how, before this, when Lu Man celebrated his birthday for him, she seemed to not have any experience with celebrating birthdays.

It was probably that from a young age until now, no one had placed emphasis on her birthday.

And although Xia Qingwei placed emphasis on it, she did not have the ability to celebrate it with her.

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