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The emcee backstage passed the remaining time to the emcee on stage.

The emcee said, “Now, the finals of the Chinese Arts Championships is about to start.

I have introduced the panel of judges, so now, let me introduce the contestants whove entered the finals.”

“Coming from the National Film Academy: Li Zeyu, Ni Xue, Lu Man.”

“Coming from the National Drama Academy: Chen Cong, Yu Lexin, Yang Ruitian, Chang Yachen.”

“Coming from the National Media University: Ceng Hao.”

“Coming from Donghua Academy of Drama: Zhou Li.”

“Coming from Donghua Film Academy: He Yue.”

“The order of the finals would be decided by drawing lots as well,” the emcee said.

“Please look at the big screen.”

Backstage, the drawing of lots started.

Surprisingly, Lu Man drew the last number and was to be the grand finale.

When the order of performance was chosen by drawing lots, the first to perform would have the greatest pressure, but the last to perform would not be much better off.

The first to perform would often have lower marks.

Additionally, there were 10 performances today, and each performance would be 20 minutes long.

There would be five minutes of rest time in between, and that meant that by the time Lu Mans turn came, the competition would have been ongoing for around three to four hours.

Whether it was the audience or the judges, whether it was their brain or their body, they would all be very tired, and their ability to admire art would also be exhuasted.

Lu Man was the last to perform and could be even more at a disadvantage than the first to perform.

And the first to perform was Chen Cong from the National Drama Academy.

Reaching the top ten, everyone had good acting skills, and the pressure of the competition was increased.

To not give the participants stress, the judges for the finals would first give marks but not show them.

After every round, theyd key in the marks into a system and store it there.

When all the performances were done, they would show the marks together.

This was to prevent the marks from being shown too early and affecting the mindset of the participants.

Chen Cong, who was performing first, was acting the role of Kang Xi1

The third to perform was Ni Xue.

The script she drew was from Thirteen Hairpins.

The good thing was that there were no chances of drawing the same script this time.

After Ni Xue finished performing, she was praised by the judges.

“Ni Xue managed to demonstrate the characteristics of going through a lot without losing her strength of character.”

“In terms of line delivery, its still a bit lacking.

Please take note when practicing lines next time.

That will bring your performance up another level.”

“Thank you, Teachers.” Ni Xue smiled as she thanked them.

These kinds of comments were very good.

After all, if the judges giving marks would point out only the good points of the performance, then what would be the use of having them She understood this.

Ni Xue smiled as she returned backstage.

She had already finished performing, and the judges were very approving of her performance.

Ni Xue was totally relaxed, and upon entering the backstage, she could not hide her gloating.

Seeing the people who had yet to go on stage to perform, she could not hide how she already thought shed be the winner and smiled to encourage everyone.

“Good luck, everyone.”


Everyone smiled coldly in their hearts, looking down on her gloating look.

The competition had yet to end; she had yet to win, but she was already acting like she was a winner.

It was really too funny.

Lu Man did not even look at her and kept her eyes closed.

Ni Xue sat down next to Lu Man, fully relaxed.

At that moment, a worker came to call Zhou Li from Donghua Academy of Drama.

“Student Zhou Li, prepare yourself.

Its your turn to go on stage.”

Every time they heard the sound of the audience clapping, the people backstage knew that the performance had ended and that it was time for them to prepare to go on stage.

After shed been waiting a long time, it was finally Lu Mans turn.

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