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Ni Xue and the others heard it loud and clear from backstage.

This was Han Zhuolis highest praise today.

He didnt have much comment for each person, saying only one short sentence.

Neither did he have a really positive review.

It was only for Lu Man that he finally said around two sentences.

All the students backstage felt a little unhappy.

Right after that, the emcee told Lu Man to return to the lounge.

And everyone hurried to rush back to the lounge.

When Lu Man returned, everyone looked at Lu Man curiously and hesitantly.

Ni Xues face was dark.

She didnt want to talk to Lu Man.

Earlier on, she thought that her performance was not bad.

Because shed picked the same show as Lu Man last time, even though the script was different, the character was the same.

Hence, others kept comparing the two of them and said that she wasnt as good as Lu Man.

Ni Xue had been extremely angry about it and had been suppressing it for a really long time.

She definitely had to fiercely toss Lu Man aside in todays competition and give her a harsh slap on the face.

Those people who said that she wasnt as good as Lu Man, let them see exactly who was the lousier one!

Yet today, in the end, even if you added all the applause after every single persons performance, it probably still wouldnt be louder than Lu Mans.

Everyone was frustrated but curious too.

They didnt know exactly what scene Lu Man performed.

Zhou Li quietly reminded He Yue, “In a while, the competition will be broadcasted on Xing Ke Channel.

Just take a look then and you can find out.”

Even though her voice was low, quite a few people overheard it.

They suddenly realized, Thats right!

They can find out then.

This time, they heard the emcee on stage inviting them all to return back up on stage.

They knew it was time for the scoring.

Just as they stood up, staff members came over to call them.

According to the order of their performance, they went up on stage.

On stage, the emcee asked them if they were nervous.

When she asked Ni Xue, Ni Xue rolled her eyes mentally and thought, how could she not be nervous

That question was practically rubbish.

“Hehe,” she laughed lightly.

“I am really exceptionally nervous.”

The emcee sneakily asked Lu Man.

Lu Man saw her and smiled.

Even though the Han Corporation invested in the Chinese Arts Championships, they only invested their money.

They didnt care about the details of the event.

Therefore, the organization of the competition, the competition process, and the casting were all decided by the school.

Only heavens knew who picked this emcee, who was so clueless.

Its one thing for her to be unable to control and manage the stage, but she even asked such useless and boring questions.

Lu Man still remembered that in the previous competition, when Sun Changfang and the others were still the judges, because the emcee had tried to stir up trouble, Sun Changfang and the others could seize the opportunity to make their comments worse and worse.

Lu Man looked at the emcee, smiling but not really feeling it.

The emcees heart skipped slightly.

She didnt know why she felt extremely nervous when Lu Man looked at her like that.

“If I say Im nervous, would you announce the scores sooner” Lu Man asked as she smiled.

“Haha, the scores are almost all tallied up, I have to ask every single person,” the emcee said, also smiling.

“Oh.” Lu Man nodded.

“Then Im not nervous.”

Emcee: “…”

How could she follow that up

At her seat, Old Mrs.

Han was extremely amused.

Even Han Xijin didnt know whether to laugh or cry and shook his head.

“This daughter-in-law is too naughty.”

“Hmph!” Old Mrs.

Han huffed.

“Isnt it all because this emcee kept trying to stir up trouble Her hosting skills are really too lousy.

Just one statement from Man Man and she is all choked up and unable to continue.

She really is bad.”

Getting stuck by Lu Mans statement, the emcee also didnt feel like asking anyone else questions and went straight into announcing the scores.

“Chen Cong from the National Drama Academy, who performed first.

Judges, please show your scores.”

Zhang Guangtao: “8.7.”

He Shuxin: “9.0.”

Huang Yilun: “9.0.”

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