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Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man and felt that she was trembling.

Heart aching, he gently patted her back.

He didnt despise her for her tear-stained face, or for how shabby and disheveled she looked.

He lowered his head and tenderly kissed the tears on her face away.

The salty tears still had the fragrance of her skin.

As it was her tears, when it entered his throat, it tasted bitter.

“Silly girl, we are already together now, you completely dont have to worry about all thosewhat ifs. You didnt miss me and I didnt miss you either, we are both perfectly together now.

You are in my arms right now, arent you” Han Zhuoli kissed her tears away as he mumbled softly to her, “Besides, even if you were really stubborn back then and didnt agree, wouldnt I still have shameless clung onto you”

Lu Man sniffled.

She was already starting to calm down because of his comforting words.

But when she heard his last sentence, she suddenly felt a little confused.

She suddenly looked dumb and confused.

With tears still glistening in her eyes, her eyes were red like a rabbits.

Her lips also foolishly morphed into the shape of an O.

This little fox that would fight and argue with anyone had become so cute and dazed right now.

Han Zhuoli let out a low laughter.

He really wanted to squeeze her right into his heart and warm her up.

That magnetic and attractive voice wiggled its way into Lu Mans ear and into her heart, making her feel warm and toasty all over.

“You forgot about my personality If I like you, do you think you could run away Back in the hotel, you ran away without leaving anything behind, but didnt I still find you in the end” Han Zhuoli laughed gently as he said, “So, even if you didnt agree, I will still cling onto you until you do agree.”

Now that he was already together with Lu Man, seeing that Lu Man cared about him so much and loved him so much, he knew that it was impossible that she would leave him.

Han Zhuoli finally stopped worrying and told her the truth.

After all, back then, he strongly claimed that he wouldnt force her and gave off an image of an attentive, reasonable, mature, and steady noble man.

However, right now, he wasnt scared anymore and could finally say the truth.

Lu Man choked a little because of his words.

She couldnt say anything.

If it was back then, when they hadnt gotten together, she definitely would have put some distance between them, thinking that he was lying to her.

But right now, how could she still have such thoughts Even if she heard him say such honest truths, she didnt feel angry at all.

Because of his words, Lu Man held back her tears.

Looking at Han Zhuolis coat, she saw that there was a wet patch on it due to her tears.

Looking at this majestic and extravagant castle, she said softly, “What princess Theres a castle here and a prince too, but is there a princess like me”

She tugged at her wool sweater.

City B in December was already very cold.

She was wearing a wool sweater and appeared a little bloated.

When she entered, she didnt manage to take it off at once.

Han Zhuolis suit and appearance really matched with the vibe of the castle.

He was like a young noble who owned this castle.

But she was like a tourist who came to visit the castle just on its open day, and she stood out like a sore thumb.

Looking like she was, even if he called her a princess, she still wouldnt look like one.

Han Zhuoli broke into a smile, let go of her, but still held onto her hand.

“Ive already prepared for that.”

At that moment, the butler who welcomed her at the door led a row of maids in front of them.

“Follow them,” Han Zhuoli said as he smiled.

Lu Man followed them up the staircase and went into a bedroom.

She wondered when this castle was built.

She had never heard of such a place.

Now that she was in the bedroom and actually inside the building, it completely made her forget that she was in City B right now.

The design of the huge bedroom was the 18th Century European style.

When she entered it, she felt like she had traveled through time.

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