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Wei Zhiqian: “…”

“Actually, this time, Old Mrs.

Han wanted to especially give a call to the Old Masters and Old Madams of the various families to invite them over.

She especially wanted to invite Old Mrs.

Wei,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

“Previously, my older brother and Lu Man got engaged and were being too low profile about it.

Our Old Mrs.

Han had been holding it in for a really long time.” Han Zhuofeng looked gloatingly at Wei Zhiqian.

“Right now, since Old Mrs.

Wei still doesnt know about it, our Old Mrs.

Han has been holding back her biggest move.

The latest she would show her move would be on the day of their wedding.”

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

If, right now, he prayed that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man wouldnt have their wedding so soon, would it be bad of him as a bro

Lu Man had been surprised to hear someone elses voice and suddenly raised her head up.

As she was being carried high up by Han Zhuoli, her two feet were both not touching the ground, but, similarly, she was also a lot taller.

She could look past Han Zhuolis shoulder.

Yet, with this look, she completely felt so uncomfortable.

Since when did so many people appear in the main hall!

Wei Zhiqian, Yan Beicheng, and Chu Zhaoyang were all there.

Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and his family were there too.

It was filled with people, buzzing with excitement and chatter.

Looking around, she saw that Old Mrs.

Han was chatting with Shen Nuo, Xia Qingwei, and Lin Liye while Old Mr.

Han was talking to Han Xijin.

Han Dongping was directly rejected and didnt get invited at all.

Even until now, Han Dongping still didnt know about Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

According to what Old Mrs.

Han said, it would be best to wait until the wedding to let that foolish thing know so that he wouldnt mess things up.

Surprisingly, everyone was there!

At that moment, they all looked over.

They saw that she was hugging Han Zhuoli and was still acting cute towards him.

“Boom!” Lu Mans mind exploded, and her face flushed bright red.

She hurriedly pushed Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli was completely confused because of this little girl.

Just a short moment ago, she was still behaving like she was really insecure, like she couldnt live without him, melting his heart into a gooey mess and making him desperately wish that he could stuff her into his bones.

To make her stop worrying, he could only hug her tightly.

Yet, who would expect that in less than two minutes, she would start pushing him away as if she despised him

She changed way too quickly.

Han Zhuoli felt a little wronged and sad.

He let go of her a little and saw that Lu Mans face was red like she had drunk alcohol.

But clearly, she still hadnt drunk any yet.

“Why is your face so red” Han Zhuoli cradled her face in his hands.

However, his palms were warm.

Lu Mans face was already burning up, but after he held it, it burned up even more.

Lu Man hurriedly peeled his hands off from her face.

“You didnt tell me that there were so many people here!”

Han Zhuoli blinked.

Finally, he realized why Lu Man was blushing so hard.

However, he was innocent too.

“Just now, when you were coming down, didnt you see them”

There were so many people standing around!

“…” Lu Man covered her face.

She desperately wished that she was an ostrich.

“I… I didnt see them.

I only saw you just now.”

Han Zhuoli was extremely gleeful.

Look at this little girls sweet tongue.

She was so good at saying such romantic words.

Didnt her words mean that she only had eyes for him

As long as he stood there, she couldnt see anyone else.

She could only see him, as if everyone else didnt exist.

Lu Man didnt even say anything, but Han Zhuoli had already automatically come up with a bunch of ideas on his own.

“Its alright, we didnt see anything, pretend that we didnt see anything.” Wei Zhiqian just had to sneakily speak up right at that moment.

Lu Man looked up.

It seemed like everyones gazes were all on her again.

She suddenly felt extremely terrible and lost.

Han Zhuoli laughed coldly to himself. You old bachelor dog.

You still have the cheek to laugh at us

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