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Chapter 811: It Turned Out That He Felt Prideful and Vain Too

She couldnt hold it back in time and suddenly cried out.

The sound was endearing, soft, tender, and pleasing.

It was like a cry but also like a moan.

Under this strange pleasure, Lu Man couldnt completely let herself go and covered her mouth with her hand.

But Han Zhuoli grabbed her wrist and pulled it away.

“It doesnt matter how loud you are.

This place is much bigger than the mansion.

Even if you lose your voice crying out, the sound wouldnt spread,” Han Zhuoli encouraged her softly by her ear.

Lu Man: “…”

Even though Han Zhuoli had directly given this place to her, this was still a new environment for her.

She really wasnt used to it.

In a new and unfamiliar place, she couldnt let herself go!

However, eventually, Lu Man no longer had a problem letting herself go.

Han Zhuoli made her forget where she was, and she cried out completely involuntarily.

The more he heard her voice, the more he found it endearing and seductive.

Her voice, together with the bells, created an even more seductive and charming sound that would even beat that of enchantresses in the sea.

It only excited Han Zhuoli more and more.

Her voice was even better than any medicine.

It made Han Zhuoli have an infinite amount of energy.

Today, when he watched her compete from his seat as a judge, she looked like she was naturally born to perform on stage.

As long as she was standing on a stage, she would be very charismatic, attracting everyones attention.

When he looked at her, he felt that she was so far away yet so near.

When she performed, she was too charming.

Even until now, he couldnt forget how she stole all the limelight as she stood on stage, the stage lights chasing after her and all the lights shining on her.

But right now, this little girl who could make her enemies teeth hurt in anger, this little girl who had all the spotlights shining down on her, was in his arms.

Han Zhuoli suddenly realized that he could feel prideful and vain too.

As he was born into the Han family, he never experienced what it was like to be lacking anything.

It was always other people envying him.

He never had to compare himself to others because nobody could beat him.

Therefore, maybe he did feel a little prideful and vain when he was younger.

However, he became numb to it soon and did not feel it anymore.

As he grew older, Han Zhuoli thought that he would never have this childish and ridiculous sense of vanity.

Yet because of Lu Man, he felt it once again.

Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man tightly.

This feeling of vanity and pride, he completely didnt mind having more of it.


After Lu Man was finally released by Han Zhuoli, the first thought that came to mind before she fell dead asleep was that come tomorrow morning, she would feel like all her bones had been scattered everywhere again.

The next day, when she woke up, she realized that not only did she feel that way, even her voice was all hoarse and she couldnt make a single sound.

She wanted to say something, but her throat was feeling so sore and dry.

Fortunately, she didnt have to attend class today.

If not, how could she even attend like this

Han Zhuoli was still asleep too.

He hugged her in his arms, his long arms and legs wrapping themselves around her like he was tying her down.

Lu Man felt uncomfortable all over and moved slightly.

Han Zhuoli was lazy and refused to wake up.

His long arms and legs locked her in his embrace and he pressed her against him, burying his face in the crook of her neck and taking a couple of sniffs.

“Dont move, sleep a little bit longer.”

Lu Man was so angry that she wanted to push him away.

It was all because of this man that she felt so uncomfortable right now!

Last night, he sure was energetic.

They didnt go for only one round.

As for exactly how many rounds they had, she had forgotten to count.

Eventually, she had become dazed.

She hadnt been awake or conscious enough.

She only felt sometimes like she was on a boat while at other times like she was riding her horse.

Sometimes, too, she was floating and light-headed like she was on the clouds.

She completely couldnt tell which round was which.

In the end, she really couldnt take it anymore and couldnt go on any longer.

She had whimpered as she told him to stop.

But who knew where this man got all his energy from It sure was infuriating!

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