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However, as long as she wasnt angry anymore, what was there to be afraid of if others saw it

It would be better, in fact, if other people could see it!

An invisible public display of affection was the most deadly.

All of Lu Mans bones and even her muscles ached, so she got Han Zhuoli to pass her her clothes.

“Do you want to rest for a while more” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man shook her head.

“Its almost noontime.

Its a good time to get up and move a bit.

I will feel better as long as I get to stretch my arms and legs.

Itll hurt even more if I just keep lying and not move.”

Hence, Han Zhuoli passed her a new set of clothes and watched as Lu Man gritted her teeth and struggled to put them on.

Finally, she got off the bed, moved a bit, and finally felt better.

Therefore, they had lunch at the castle.

While they were eating, Lu Mans phone rang.

Lu Man took a look and was surprised to see that it was from Principal Liu.

Lu Man picked up the phone.

“Principal Liu.”

“Lu Man, have you eaten” Lu Man asked politely.

“I am eating now.” Lu Man politely asked him back, “Have you eaten”

“I just finished eating.

Oh my, am I disturbing your lunch” Principal Liu gasped.

“Have your lunch first, Ill call you back in a while.”

“No, no.” Lu Man hurriedly held him back.

“Youre not disturbing me at all, so theres no need for you to go through so much trouble.

Please tell me what the matter is.”

Honestly, Principal Liu was curious too.

He wanted to know if Han Zhuoli was eating together with Lu Man right now.

They probably were eating together.

It was the weekend, after all.

After silently being a busybody, Principal Liu said, “Didnt you win first place in the Chinese Arts Championships Our school produced the top three students too.

According to past years traditions, all the participants would gather at the school of the student who won first place and thats where the closing ceremony of the Chinese Arts Championships will be held.

It will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the school will present an official commendation to you top three students.”

“Also, after the closing ceremony ends, the production crew from Xing Ke Stations The Performer will be coming over to sign the contract with the top five students from the Chinese Arts Championships who made it through to join the program.

So, Im just letting you know in advance.”

Lu Man didnt expect that Principal Liu would personally make a call to inform her of this.

Usually, it would be left to the counselors to inform them.

Perhaps it was because of Han Zhuoli.

Right after that, Principal Liu said, “Alright, then, I wont disturb you further.

Carry on with your meal.”

Principal Liu didnt say anything more and hung up the phone.

In the afternoon, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli left the castle.

When they left, Lu Man didnt sleep on the way out, so she realized only now that this castle was built on top of a mountain.

It really did look like it was in Europe.

“Down the mountain, theres a horse range.

I only bought that castle because I also like the surrounding area, so I bought the horse range too.

You arent feeling comfortable today, so the next time we come back, I will take you horseback riding,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man heard.

So it turned out that she could have gone horseback riding today! It only made her even angrier.

She was feeling uncomfortable, and whose fault was that!

Han Zhuoli saw that Lu Man was huffing in anger.

He had one hand on the steering wheel while his other hand reached out to hold onto Lu Mans hand.

“Be good.

How about I let you ride at night”

Lu Man: “…”

Ride my foot!


The next day, Lu Man woke up early and headed to school.

After being tormented by Han Zhuoli, she had one night of rest and didnt let Han Zhuoli continue to mess with her, but this morning, she still had much trouble getting up.

It was like she hadnt worked out for a long time then suddenly went to exercise, and while it wasnt painful at first, her body just got more and more sore as time passed.

After much effort, she struggled to crawl out of bed.

Feeling lazy, her legs didnt have the energy to take big steps as she headed to school.

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